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    Tarot Cards of the Week – 8

    How are you, my beauties? I was sick and burnt-out last week and so didn’t post much here (but I published my tarot book, You Hold The Cards, and you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited), but I’m back and excited to share with you the tarot cards for this week. I drew Strength (11 or 8), The Wheel of Fortune (10), and The Empress (3). These three cards come together to create a beautiful message for the last week of February 2020: being kind to ourselves, accepting change with grace, and taking concrete steps to create the life we want. With Strength, you are encouraged to be kind…

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    Tarot Cards of the Week – 6

    Hello my darlings! I woke up this morning with a case of the Monday Blues, but it was nothing that a little bit of meditation, tarot card reading and journaling couldn’t fix. I’m off to prepare a delicious lunch (sautéed zucchini and tomatoes with curry powder and truffle oil), but before that, I wanted to share with you the cards for this week. We have the Hanged Man (12), the Popess (2) and the Empress (3). The theme is quite positive overall: meditation, learning, and abundance. What’s noteworthy this is the second week in a row that we drew the Popess and the Empress together. So you may continue with…

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    Rest and reset.

    Do you ever get to a moment where everything is so overwhelming that you can’t take it anymore? This week was quite stressful to me, with important deadlines having to be met. Having my period and feeling drained (and quite emotional) all the time didn’t help either. But many good things happened as well, most of them small, but with enough of an impact that they made my life easier. Going to a community meditation on Monday, getting good feedback from clients, feeling like I was moving quite fast on my work, unexpected payments from a writing platform to which I contribute occasionally, and getting my new contact lenses finally…

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    #WitchyWednesday: Feelin’ lucky!

    Namasté witchies! Today, I wanted to share with you this watercolor illustration I made about the things I like to have around me to feel lucky! The most obvious is my sweet, fuzzy, dorky, adorable black cat Julia. It took me three years to manifest her – I meditated daily on connecting with my future cat’s soul while holding a small obsidian carved cat (similar to this one) between my hands. I adopted Julia in December 2016 and she has brought me nothing but joy, luck, strength, and laughter. I didn’t know I could love so strongly until she came into my life. Being Lebanese, I tend to believe in…

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    Tarot Cards of the Week – 5

    Happy Monday beauties! Wow – the cards I drew for the fifth full week of 2020 are amazing! We have the Pope (5), the Popess (2) and the Empress (3), and I’m really excited because these cards carry the promise of wisdom, learning and abundance. The Pope represents wisdom laced with influence, so this week, ask how you relate to these two notions together. Do you have someone in your life (a teacher, mentor, author, spiritual leader) that has a lot of wisdom to offer you? If not, perhaps this week would be a good time to look for one. A word of caution, though: be careful not to let…

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    Sunday thoughts.

    How was your Sunday, my darlings? I’m sitting at my new desk (if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek here!), sipping my “creativity” tea – that’s Twinning’s Decaf Lady Grey blend. And I feel so grateful because this week was uneventfully filled with beautiful happenings. Some blessings came in simple moments: enjoying a cup of tea in the morning, taking the dog out for a walk, staying in bed and listening to the rain outside, sitting down to work with one of our cats on my lap, and enjoying delicious tacos and margaritas during a fun, insightful date night. Other things happened that helped…

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    How to OWN Winter!

    It’s kinda funny that I’m writing this because winter hasn’t fully struck my little Virginian beach town yet. But I know that it’s usually in February that the only snowstorm of the year happens – and it makes drivers become hysterical, as I’ve experienced firsthand. Fortunately, after over a decade of Washingtonian winters (and one in Montréal, which I barely felt, for some odd reason), I’m well equipped to handle the cold weather, and here’s a list (because I loooove lists!) of eleven tips so you can do that too! Swap your facial creams for thicker balms. Especially because your car’s air-conditioning will dry your face more than cold weather.…

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    #WitchyWednesdays: What would you like?

    After a few weeks of #WitchyWednesday posts and accompanying watercolor illustrations, today I want to hear from you. I would like to create content that speaks to you, and what better way to do that than to ask you: what are the things you’d like to use magic to bring about? What are your spiritual needs? What magical topics would you like to learn more about? I am preparing more posts about: Petitions and how to create them. Magical herbs and their properties. Hoodoo oils. Tools for magic. Attraction spells (perfect romance, pet, home, job, car, etc.) Bewitching various objects for specific purposes (protection, confidence, victory, money, etc). And more……

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    Tarot Cards of the Week – 4

    Happy Monday kids! This is a quick post (from the car) because I’m running around today, but wanted to share with you the tarot cards for this week. Justice, Judgment and The Emperor remind us to do good, have faith that we’re safe, and not let anyone take our power from us! I will try to update this post later with a longer explanation for each card. Much love, S.

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    “She’s talking hippie again!”

    When you look at my girlfriend and me, you’d think the biggest cultural difference is the most obvious. E. is American and Trinidadian; I am French and Lebanese (and naturalized American). You’d be surprised, but despite being born and raised on opposite sides of the world, we keep finding out more and more similarities in our upbringing, cultures, food*, values and more. We’re millennials, after all. No, the biggest cultural clash that we face is me being a New Age girl. A tarot reader and teacher. A holistic, uh… person? Someone who’s into holistic healing**. An assiduous user of essential oils. An adept of yoga, reiki, and meditation. A follower…