2019 Tarot Reading

2019 Tarot Reading

I hope you enjoyed my live 2019 tarot reading on Facebook yesterday! If you missed it or prefer a condensed, written version, here’s a recap of the drawing I made for the next twelve months.

The deck I’m using, the Medieval Cat Tarot, is my favourite; you can see from its state that it has been well used and loved for many years. In fact, it was with this deck that I became really fluent, so to speak, in tarot, and gained the necessary confidence to offer professional readings. The illustrations are incredibly beautiful and unique all the while not deviating too much from the original tarot symbolism.

Before I begin analyzing the cards that I drew, I’d like to talk about The Moon and The Sun, respectively the eighteenth and nineteenth cards of the Major Arcana (which did not appear in the drawing I made). The reason for that is because the eighteenth year of this millennium is coming to its end and the nineteenth, for which we are doing this reading, is about to begin.

Card 18, The Moon, traditionally depicts a female figure (in tarot, female figures = intuition, wisdom, the inner self, Yin) whose eyes are closed and whose face is veiled. In the night, under the moon, looks almost sad, melancholic, doubtful. But she is not stationary: she is walking forward, even if she doesn’t seem to see or know where. The symbolism behind this image is the faith in ourselves that exists within us even during periods of doubt.

The next one, Card 19, The Sun, shows a male figure (male figures = energy, exuberance, the outer self, Yang) often prancing on a horse under a bright sun, with plenty of sunflowers and other symbols of abundance. The Sun, considered by many readers (including myself) as the happiest card in the Tarot, represents success, accomplishment, fulfillment, blossoming.

How does that relate to our current situation? 2018 was, for many of us, a year where we undertook things that, despite our convictions about them, we might have doubted of even if we kept moving forward. 2019 will, I firmly believe it, be the year where we realise that despite our doubts, we were right to have faith in ourselves because we are now reaping what we sowed: we collect the abundant rewards, we feel pride our successful endeavours, and we finally SHINE and enjoy every moment of it.

With no further ado, let’s move to the cards that I did draw for each month of 2019:

January – The Fool (0): 

The Fool is a male figure (remember, energy and exuberance), walking under a bright sun towards a cliff without even looking forward. He doesn’t care, he isn’t afraid: his confidence is so strong, it’s almost palpable. It’s the card of new beginnings, of leaving everything behind starting something from scratch, with little to no resources aside from pure confidence and belief in oneself (the card’s number is not one but zero, which emphasises a state of destitution that is nonetheless not perceived as an obstacle). The Sun’s presence is a promise of all the success and abundance it represents. And as you’ve probably guessed, a card symbolising new beginnings is perfect for January. So have full confidence in whatever endeavours you undertake, even if you are starting with little to nothing: the promise of success is there if you believe, and put effort and passion in it.

February – The Tower (16): 

It goes without saying that The Tower can be a scary card (I used to dread seeing it appear in a drawing). With a structure struck by lightning and on fire, undergoing devastation, with figures falling down from it, we are taken aback and begin to wonder if that’s what awaits us. What we often fail to look at is the new, green shrubs growing at the base of the tower, bringing a new promise of life and abundance simultaneously to the destruction happening at the top.

What’s the message behind The Tower? It is both a reminder and a warning to take the time to build on the strongest, most solid bases possible, rather than burn through important steps and skimp on quality for the sake of instant gratification. If one makes that mistake in any kind of undertaking, be it a new business or a new relationship, they almost always guarantee themselves dire consequences, such as the symbolic or real collapse of their project and find themselves forced to rebuild from scratch, on more solid foundations. I’d say, just do it the first time around and avoid having to learn that lesson the hard way!

March – The Devil (15): 

The Devil represents what appears to be a male figure (but more unisex if you look carefully), taking off their mask while surrounded by flames. It represents the abandonment of falsehoods and pretenses, as well as purification (here symbolised by fire, but that doesn’t give you whatsoever an excuse to get all “dracarys!” on people who pissed you off).

What does it all mean? Perhaps a revelation where you’ll be coming face-to-face with certain truths about yourself that you have been avoiding. More likely, you’ll find that someone in your entourage will shed false appearances and show their true face, one that will not be to your liking. The flames confirm this, and the purification they represent may be a sign that you will have to distance yourself from that or those persons, or even entirely eliminate them from your life – again, you’re not allowed to burn them alive! Unfriending them on Facebook will do.

A warning: whatever The Devil brings is not to be taken lightly. This discovery and subsequent purification, whether it’ll have to do with yourself or others, will be hard on you. Which brings us to April…

April – The Hermit (9): 

The Hermit represents a male figure walking with a lamp and an owl on his shoulder. He has isolated himself, but now he is returning from this retreat having acquired knowledge (symbolised by the lit lamp) and wisdom (the owl).

Translation: after being shaken by the events of March, you’ll need to step away from your day-to-day life and take the time to be alone with yourself. Try to go on a weekend trip somewhere quiet, in the midst of nature, where you’ll just read, meditate and journal (with your phone turned off and put away, please!). If that isn’t possible, try to put your phone away and just be alone with yourself for a couple of hours, in a setting like a forest, ocean, cave or religious building, and let your thoughts lead you to a place of healing and self-discovery. No matter how simple or elaborate, short or long your retreat is, you will emerge from it having gained knowledge and wisdom that will carry you for the months to come.

May – The Empress (3): 

The Empress is a gorgeous, powerful woman, dressed in rich clothes in shades of red and showing off her two children. She symbolises fertility, power, and abundance.

That doesn’t mean that you’re having a baby or that Kim Kardashian will announce that she’s running for President (God forbid!). It just means that, in the space of five months, you’ll have evolved from The Fool you were in January to someone who will have acquired a non-negligible amount of wealth, power and influence in regards to your endeavours. You will be basking in this confidence that you had as The Fool, but it will have already greatly evolved by this point of your journey.

June – The Emperor (4):

The Emperor is the card that comes right after the Empress in the Major Arcana, so it’s interesting to have them succeed each other in this drawing. The Emperor, a male figure, carries that notion of abundance and wealth, adding to it another layer of influence and power.

It shows the expansion of that power you’ve cultivated so far, but also comes with a reminder or small warning to not let that power and success get to your head (I mean, look at historical examples of emperors and how they ended up!). Be confident enough in your success and influence that you don’t need to transform into Napoleon/Henry VIII/Joffrey Baratheon to affirm it.

July – The World (21): 

Another beautiful card to confirm, again and again, that 2019 will be our best year yet. In July, The World becomes your oyster – your outreach will grow and you will feel connected to everything around you, from people to other creatures and natural elements. If you are part of a community, tap into its collective power to expand each individual’s. Remember that we live in an era where, thanks to social media, we are more connected than we have ever been since our existence. So get out of your safe, narrow microcosm, go beyond the boundaries you set around yourself, take bold risks. Meet new people. Make new friends. Take advantage of the incredible tools you have access to, and reach out to people from different countries and cultures, with whom you can learn and share. If the opportunity presents itself to you, travel and look at how big, diverse and wide the world is.

August – Strength (11): 

Strength represents a female figure (remember, female = wisdom) taming a lion by holding its jaws open. She seems to be doing that easily, without any sort of strain, as if the lion is complying with her. As if she’s imposing her will to the beast just with her mental or mystical powers.

What Strength reminds us is, first, to cultivate our inner strength, and most importantly to know when to use brute force, and when to use diplomacy. That is a crucial skill to learn to develop, as the need for it will present itself in August.

September – The Lovers (6): 

The Lovers represents two figures. A male and female figure on the same card announce the balance of energy and intuition, inner self and outer self, Yin and Yang finally united. Two persons (or sides of the same person) brought together by Fate, here depicted as an angel, blindfolded as it is about to shoot its arrow.

This card doesn’t necessarily mean that a perfect romantic encounter or marriage will happen in September, although this may be a possibility, as well as two long-time lovers reaffirming themselves in their relationship. What The Lovers represents is the discovery of a seamless connection with someone who complements you, a twin flame of some sort. It can be a deep friendship, a business partnership, a romantic relationship or a family tie, or all of them at the same time (just not the last two, let’s try not to emulate Cersei and Jaime Lannister when it comes to #CoupleGoals).

The Lovers may also represent the dissolution of such a relationship (I never really thought of it this way until it happened to me one month for which I had drawn The Lovers!). Like a chemical reaction between two elements coming to its end, you may come to realise that you and that other person have learned and acquired everything you possibly could from one another, and the time has come for your ways to part.

October – The Hanged Man (12): 

The Hanged Man is a card many people are scared of – its name comes with sinister associations of punishment or self-harm. But in reality, it isn’t scary. We have a male figure, usually associated with exuberance and energy, who has willingly reversed that traditional association to put himself in a meditative position, tied to a tree from his foot in traditional tarot decks (but this one’s with cats so all bets are off), standing in an upside-down version of what looks like the Tree yoga posture. He is literally looking at the world upside-down, hanging above it all.

What does that mean for us? Two things. The first is that if we find ourselves in a heated situation that we are beginning to feel too passionate about, we need to immediately take a step back. Step away from the computer, put down your phone, go take a walk and breathe very deeply before you do anything else. The second thing is to look at that same situation causing us turmoil as if we were someone else who had nothing to do with it. Set aside all passion and emotional attachment, tap into our inner wisdom with the help of meditation and detachment, and wait for the solution that is deep within us to emerge.

November – The Star (17):

The Star depicts a woman at night who, unlike The Moon, is stationary. She is standing or sitting by a pond, lake or river, nude or fully clothed depending on the decks, and she is pouring water from a jar into that same body of water, returning it where it came from. This may look, at first, like a pointless act, a waste of time and resources, but it is, in fact, one of the most important actions one can undertake: expressing gratitude for what you have, counting your blessings and passing them forward. It’s quite a pertinent card for the month of November, where, in America, gratitude has its own holiday: Thanksgiving. Even if you do not have such a celebration, as we near the end of 2019, take the opportunity to sit quietly, think of all the blessings that came to you since the beginning of your journey as The Fool in January, express gratitude for them, and consider different ways of giving back and helping others. Donating to different organisations, mentoring people with the skills you’ve learned, volunteering your time, the opportunities to do good are endless!

December – The Popess (2):

The Popess comes right before The Empress, which we saw earlier in this drawing. She and The Pope (Card number 5) surround the Emperor and the Empress, sitting by their sides and keeping an eye on them, reminding them that faith is an important value to uphold. The Popess is the spiritual answer to the Empress’s fertility, abundance and earthly charms; she is her older, wiser version, more oriented towards cultivating intellectual knowledge but also wisdom and intuition.

December is when the year reaches its end. As nature darkens around the Winter Solstice, as much as it is important for us to enjoy cultural traditions that bring us together, the Popess reminds us to turn inward and connect with our own spirituality. In a way, she tells us to look at the year that just passed, make an assessment of it, and start looking at 2020!

I hope that 2019 will be a beautiful, sunny, blessed year for all of you and that it will bring you all the joy, success and abundance you all deserve!