About Sophie Marie

What if abundance, joy, and love were your birthright?

What if the power to rise above your circumstances lay within you?

What if the best version of you were your natural state, and you could revert to that state of peace, plenitude, and happiness?

What if I told you that you are connected to the loving source of divine energy that created you, and by tapping into it, you can bring about your dreams and create your best life?

Hey beauty!

I’m Sophie Marie. 

I am an author, tarot professional, and certified spiritual life coach. 

My philosophy is all about transforming adversity into abundance. 

After having made it through a lot of adversity in my twenties, I had an awakening realization: that my life purpose is to help YOU overcome any circumstances that do not serve you, so you can heal and manifest everything you ever wanted. 

I know, from my own experience, that living a miraculous life happens once we turn to spirituality. As a spiritual life coach, I am here to navigate with you the endless ways to connect with the Divine and create your best life. 

Here is how I can help you:

  • With the insight and guidance of tarot.
  • Through one-on-one spiritual life coaching consultations. 
  • By teaching you tarot, manifestation, and other important spiritual practices in my workshops and online courses.
  • Through my books, which cover different spiritual self-improvement topics.

I hope you enjoy my space and find it to be a cozy, feminine, and beautiful spiritual lifestyle destination. Grab a cup of tea (or bubbly rosé!), sit in your favorite chair, and take a look around! 

Read my tarot story and testimonials from my clients, then scroll through my blog posts for information on tarot and other spiritual practices, weekly card readings, lifestyle posts, magic and manifestation tips, and bits and pieces of my everyday life. 

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I cannot wait for you to manifest the life you always dreamt of!

Much love,