“I love nothing more than to see a woman take her power back, turn adversity to abundance, and create the life she always dreamed of.”


A writer since the age of five, Sophie Marie found her life purpose and started her business at the Winter Solstice of 2018. After a long, intense yoga session that night, she came to the realization that she was meant to use her life experience with abuse and adversity to help other women. She founded The Empress Within the next morning, and got started by offering professional tarot readings. She soon found herself coaching her clients and giving them extensive advice during tarot consultations, so she sought and obtained her spiritual life coaching certification shortly after publishing her first book.

Sophie Marie believes that every woman is born with unlimited spiritual powers. Learning how to tap into these powers, through a combination of spiritual practice, self-knowledge, and gentle discipline, is the key to Shifting away energetically, emotionally, and physically from adversity and “survival mode”, and not only healing, but creating and manifesting abundance, blessings, and desires. 

For Sophie Marie, a proud lifelong feminist, the empowerment of women (especially women of color) on a collective level is the key to healing the World and making it a better, happier, healthier, more equal, more just, and more peaceful place. It begins with one woman taking her power back, and empowering another, and another, and another, creating a ripple effect that causes powerful, long-lasting change. 

Sophie Marie firmly believes that to thrive, women should (among others) achieve financial freedom, have full control of their own bodies and destinies, walk away from toxic people and situations, and cultivate healthy, happy relationships on their own terms, never settling for anything less. Her approach to personal development is down-to-earth and straightforward: she looks at individual areas of one’s life and explores ways to establish a good balance between all of them. Most importantly, she helps and encourages her clients and readers to adopt a personalized spiritual practice that “works for you”, as a way to tap into universal, creative energy. 

Sophie Marie published her first book, “You Hold The Cards”, in February 2020. She is currently working on her second book, “You Are An Empress”. She also offers self-paced courses and founded the Empress Collective, an online membership and premium community for women. Before starting The Empress Within, she wrote a fashion and lifestyle blog, published a lesbian romance novel under a pen name, taught French, and worked as a nanny and Uber driver to support herself.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1992, Sophie Marie moved to Washington, D.C. at fourteen, and later spent time in Paris and Montréal. She currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her girlfriend, their adorable rescue black lab, and their two mischievous cats. When she isn’t writing, coaching clients, or running her business, you’ll find her going on long walks with her dog, doing yoga, painting with watercolors, baking, finding creative ways to hide late-night Amazon purchases from her girlfriend, reading, or spending time at the beach. 

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