Aquarius Gift Guide

Aquarius Gift Guide


Aquarius season (January 19th-February 18th) just started with a glorious blood moon eclipse!

Aquarians are deep, intelligent, creative, but also independent, bossy, and quite sarcastic. They’ll essentially drive you crazy but you can’t help loving them nonetheless. When it comes to gifts, they’ll love anything that stimulates their creativity. But they will also appreciate items that help them be in the moment, relax, and turn inwards (for example, essential oils and crystals). Shades of aqua blue and turquoise are always a good idea.

Without further ado, here’s my selection of birthday presents for the Aquarius in your life:

  1. Coloring book, $12.
  2. Aquamarine bracelet, $230.
  3. Sarcasm, it’s how I show affection” T-shirt, $27.
  4. Silver and amethyst handmade necklace, $40.
  5. Frankincense beeswax candle, $28.
  6. Zen garden, $15.
  7. Cat tea infuser, $10.
  8. Luxury bath salts, $80.
  9. Wild orange essential oils, $15.
  10. Le Creuset dutch oven, $140.

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