Part memoir, part self-improvement guide, “You Are An Empress” is the book in which I tell you the story of how I survived lifelong family abuse and decided that no matter what, I would heal, thrive, and manifest the life I’d always dreamed of. In this book, I share with you what I learned by showing you how to connect to the divine being within you, your magnificent Inner Empress who is waiting to come out. In fifteen chapters, I empower you to stand up for yourself and walk away from what does not serve you. I walk you through the Shift from adversity to abundance, and just like I do during coaching, I give you advice on how to improve and balance different areas of your life and show you how to manifest your desires while you’re still healing.

“You Are An Empress” comes out in the fall of 2021. Don’t feel like waiting? Join my Early Reader Book Club and read chapters as I complete them!


In this comprehensive beginner’s guide to tarot, I show you how to make the cards a part of your spiritual practice. I share with you my tarot philosophy (hint: it’s not about telling the future) and walk you through the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana. I also talk to you about the history of tarot, debunk several myths associated with it, and give you my tips on how to read the cards for yourself and others.

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