Building The Best Self-Care Routine For Yourself

Building The Best Self-Care Routine For Yourself

What does your self-care routine look like right now? Is it mindfully planned, or all over the place? 

Do you have a set routine, or just go with the flow and do what feels good in the moment? 

Does practicing self-care come easily to you, or is it something that you need to think about and plan for? 

Did you ever get burnt-out practicing self-care? 

(As mind-boggling as it sounds, it happens!)

If building and implementing a self-care routine is hard for you to do, you’re not alone.

I am a big advocate of self-care and always recommend it to my clients and loved ones, but boy, do I struggle with implementing it in my own life!

That is, in part, because of some difficulties with time management, and also because I’m working on releasing deeply rooted beliefs, ingrained by abusive people that used to be part of my life, that I don’t deserve to take care of myself.

In the post I wrote for the Empress Collective Star Tier (and higher levels), I share different tips to make implementing a self-care routine easier and less of a headache. Because, after all, it’s supposed to be pleasant and enjoyable!

If you’ve ever become burnt-out by your self-care routine (I have been there a few times!), you will find this post particularly pertinent!

It also comes with 11 journaling questions that will help you identify what self-care practices work for you, so that you can put together the best routine for yourself!

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