Justice: How You Can Make a True Difference in The World

Justice: How You Can Make a True Difference in The World

Happy Monday everyone!

For this week, I pulled the Justice card, which, if you don’t remember, I had already pulled a few weeks ago! 

When the same cards get pulled relatively frequently, it’s often because we are meant to be more aware of their energy and the message they carry for us. 

At this time, I feel like Justice may pertain to the feelings of powerlessness we may experience when we look at the injustice happening in our communities and around the world. 

We may feel like there’s very little we can do, as individuals, to stop those who are committing heinous acts against others, or to help countless people who are suffering. 

But the thing is, we are not as powerless as we may think we are. 

There is no such thing as a small impact. 

When you help one person, you create a chain reaction that, in time, can end up serving the entire world. 

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary or physical help – you can change someone’s life with words of kindness and empowerment. 

Sometimes, people need an external reminder of how good, strong, and worthy they are. And you cheering them on can make the whole difference. 

So if you’re feeling powerless when you read the news, remember that impacting one single life with whatever you can spare (time, money, a caring ear, words of empowerment and support) is what’s going to make a difference. 

And here’s one more thing: it starts with you. 

You can’t pour from an empty cup. 

And when you take care of yourself and take your power back, your very example can be your contribution to the world. 

I can’t tell you in how many ways my life has been changed by people whose example I followed, even if I never met them (in many cases, because they passed away decades, if not centuries, before I was born). 

So know that you have the power to counterbalance the bad things going on in our world. 

And remember, anything you do can make an impact big enough to change the world. 

Energy is energy, after all. And this is what you’re ultimately putting out!

Much love, 

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