Cleaning can help you manifest more of what you want!

Cleaning can help you manifest more of what you want!

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Do you like cleaning? If you’re anything like me, you view it as a chore, and something that takes too much time only to be messed up almost instantly (depending on how many pets/kids/partners/housemates you have). 

For me, I know that having to clean can sometimes lead to frustration and even resentment, because I’d much rather be doing something else. I also lived in toxic environments where I was forced to clean after others (who were absolutely disgusting – we’re talking human and rat droppings) in order to keep a roof over my head. This is why I totally support women who hire professional cleaners, regardless of whether your job is taxing, or whether you have kids or not (but more on that later, let me not get all hyped up about smashing traditional gender roles). 

This said, as much as I dislike cleaning sometimes, I have learned something crucial that helped me change my perspective about it. 

I learned to view cleaning as a spiritual practice, rather than just a chore. 

Yes, you read that right. I did just put cleaning on the same shelf than yoga, meditation, and healing crystals. 

In fact, if you’ve ever taken my course The Keys to Manifestation, you will remember that cleaning, or, as it’s called in the course, “Purification”, is one of the key practices that help you create what you want and invite more of it into your life. 

Cleaning can definitely help you manifest, and if that sounds completely crazy, I understand, and please bear with me and keep reading. 

When my house is clean, my pets are happier and appear much more relaxed. My partner and I feel more connected to one another. Communication is better and more effective, and energy flows. The food we make in the kitchen tastes better. The time we spend in the bathroom is more relaxing and enjoyable. When my desk is decluttered and organized (including the drawers), I flow in my writing, get better ideas, and, more often than not, see clear growth in my business. 

In all, when my house is clean, the energy just flows. And if you ask me, a cleaning fiend, this is worth the effort. 

The thing is, the clutter, dirt, and disorganized messes in your physical space can translate into energetic clutter that prevents flow. I’m not only talking about your home, but also your vehicle(s), your office or workspace, your school or work locker, your garden shed, and any storage units you may have, as well as electronic devices and cloud accounts you may store any digital data on. 

When you’re cleaning physical dirt and clutter, you’re clearing energetic clutter. You are effectively releasing what you don’t want to make room for what you want

Here’s a little trick you can try next time you’re cleaning dirt, dust, bacteria, hair, allergens, etc., whether you’re washing, scrubbing, wiping, or vacuuming: picture yourself intentionally clearing away energy that does not serve you. Visualize it as it gets removed, suctioned away, or rinsed down the drain, and the item or space you’re cleaning turns into a fresh, blank canvas. 

But remember that cleansing isn’t just about removing dirt, but also eliminating clutter (and this may be the most taxing part, but it’s necessary!). 

We all have a different idea of what clutter is. In fact, what is clutter for some may be other people’s most prized possessions. I define clutter as items that take too much space (and become energetic baggage in the back of your mind), but have no use and do not bring you any joy. 

This may include: 

– Items tied to bad memories (for instance, what you were wearing or using when you went through a breakup, heard of a loved one’s passing, or got fired from your job). 

– Items that make you feel broke (that includes cheap, low-quality objects or counterfeit items that you bought because you couldn’t afford the item you really wanted/needed.)

– Clothes! Clothes play a very important role when it comes to manifesting, because when you’re wearing them, they carry so much energy. So it’s crucial that you get rid of clothes that no longer fit properly (no, please don’t keep them in your closet to motivate yourself to lose weight, you don’t deserve this kind of emotional self-abuse!), clothes tied to bad memories, clothes that are damaged or falling apart at the seams, and clothes that you just don’t like anymore. I understand first-hand the emotional attachment to clothes, but picture it as releasing certain things so that you can make room for better things. If the item is beyond repair, discard or recycle/upcycle it. If not, sell it or donate it. But please don’t hold on to that energy if you know it does not do you any good.

– Your beauty products. I know that you may sometimes hold on to old makeup or skincare products for either emotional reasons, or because “it was expensive”. But the truth is, if you didn’t use it and finish it before it expired (which can cause nasty reactions when you use it, FYI), it’s cluttering your makeup bag and creating an energetic blockage. So take a deep breath, toss the product, and trust that you’ll be able to buy a brand-new one (or an even better one) soon! 

Your junk drawer/closet. Your best bet is to not have one! Clear the junk immediately and make room for better things. This also applies to all the other cluttered storage areas of your home, including the attic and/or basement that you never go into because you can’t even walk in there. Even if the clutter is out of your sight, it is still creating blockages on an energetic level. 

– Your car. Your car is a direct representation of how you move in life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you dump your car and take the bus if you don’t have the ability to buy a new one. In fact, if you’re manifesting a new car, the best thing is to truly cherish and dote on your current vehicle. This means regular maintenance checks, getting it washed and especially making sure that it’s clean on the inside as well, since this is where you’ll be spending your time when traveling in your car. Regularly vacuum and dust the interior of your car, use a dedicated bag or receptacle for trash and make sure to empty it every day, and use a ton of air freshener – good scents make us happy, and when we’re happy, we’re vibing higher and more likely to manifest that new sexy set of wheels! 

I hope that these tips will help you look at cleaning differently, and motivate you to clear energetic blockages as you clean physical ones. If things are not flowing as well as they could in your life, look around you and figure out what you can clean, cleanse, and clear! I can guarantee that you will get back to manifesting again in no time! 

Much love, 

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