Having endured a lot of adversity in my life before turning it around and manifesting my current reality, I find so much satisfaction, redemption, joy, and purpose when I know I’ve helped a woman improve her life, distance herself from toxic people and situations that do not serve her, heal, cultivate happiness within and around her, and make her dreams come true. This is exactly why I became a spiritual life coach. 

I am here to help you take your life into your own hands, walk away from adversity, and claim your true birthright: unlimited abundance. 

An abundance of joy, health, love, wealth, purpose, and fulfillment.

Are you ready to claim the blessings you were born to have?  

Coaching with me is for you if… 

– You know that your time has come to stop surviving and to start thriving. 

– You’re ready to walk away from what doesn’t serve you, and take your power back. 

– You seek help as you tap into the divine powers you are born with. 

– You are ready to shift into a state where you naturally thrive in everything you do. 

– You are searching for high-level expertise, wisdom, experience, knowledge, and dedicated support. 

– You are ready to invest time, money, and energy into yourself and your goals because you firmly believe you are worth it. 

– You need someone to encourage you and hold you accountable. 

– You’re ready to manifest the life you’ve always wanted: career, dream home, true love, travel, health, etc. 

– You’re open to adding more spirituality into your life. 

– You are ready and excited to turn the adversity in your life into abundance. 

Like a traditional life coach, I help you achieve your goals and improve your life by holding you accountable and tracking your progress. But I use various spiritual tools and practices do to that. I can help you invite love into your life, find the best career for you, create a healthier lifestyle, establish work-life balance or other necessary boundaries, or anything else you may need help with so you can live your best life. Most importantly, I am here to help you take your power back, heal, and thrive! 

The women I work with come from very different backgrounds and have different goals: starting or growing their own businesses, finding love, becoming healthier, figuring out their life purpose, and more.

Here are some of their words: 

“I had a session with Sophie when I was in a really low point in my life, unsure of what to do and what direction to take. I was seriously about to ruin everything I love, and her guidance and advice helped me to make decisions that will hopefully affect my future for the better.”
(Submitted anonymously.)

“Sophie was very present in her time with me, she connected to each question I had. My favorite thing about Sophie is she offers a very positive and encouraging energy.”
Tessa P.

“Very impressed by her guidance, support and coaching.”
Lise G.

“Sophie Marie and the Empress Within is such a blessing. She brings a refreshing and unique look at life and this adjusts positivity in thought process as well as an uplifting tangible lifestyle! I am so grateful and can not wait until my next session! All good things and the best is yet to come!”
Shannon R.

“I felt like her guidance left me feeling really supported and excited for reaching new goals in life.”
Charlotte F. 

“She provided much-needed clarity and is a great person to work with on top of that.”
Kim M.

Here are some of the things we can accomplish together: 

– Empower you to validate your desires 

– Nip self-sabotage and limiting beliefs in the bud.

– Identify and release energetic blockages. 

– Make small but powerful changes to improve your quality of life. 

– Manifest your dreams through spiritual practice and aligned action

– Learn how to tap into the spiritual powers you were born with, and occasionally resort to practices such as tarot, meditation, visualization, and more.

– Create a strategy to reach important goals (starting or growing your business, getting into shape, moving somewhere new, manifesting love, leaving an adverse situation)

What’s included in your coaching package: 

– One-on-one weekly Zoom calls.

– Access to me via email and/or text.

– Support, encouragement, accountability, and results. 

– My expertise as a certified spiritual life coach, but also entrepreneur, author, and business owner. 

– A custom, unique strategy created for you to reach your goals, based on your learning style and other factors. 

– Complete confidentiality – anything we talk about remains absolutely private and strictly between the two of us!  

– Lifelong access to The Empress Collective, my online membership and premium community for women (valued at $1111.11)


Single session: $111

Four-week package: $399 ($99/session)

Eight-week package: $712 ($89/session)

Twelve-week package: $948 ($79/session)

*Payment is due at the time of booking. Rates subject to change.

We are proud to offer discounts for military veterans and active-duty servicemembers.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s how: 

1. Fill out this form to schedule your discovery consultation, during which we will chat about your needs and make sure we’re a good fit.
2. Book your initial session so we can determine a strategy to help you reach your goals, decide what package is best for you, and go over the coaching agreement and other technicalities.
3. Pay your Paypal invoice, sign the coaching agreement, and let’s get started!