Eight ways to use healing crystals for self-care, spiritual practice, and everyday life.

Eight ways to use healing crystals for self-care, spiritual practice, and everyday life.

I love crystals. Not only do I find them beautiful, but I can sense the different vibrations that emanate from them. I love the possibilities they offer to amplify our energy and help us attract more of what want, or even repel negativity and surround us with protection. “How do I use crystals?” is a question I get often. One of my very first blog posts was about the ten healing crystals every beginner should have. As a spiritual life coach, I often help my clients work with crystals, giving them advice on what crystals to get and how to use them to reach specific goals. So today, I thought I would share with you my eight favorite ways of using healing crystals:

1. Activate crystals with the energy of your intention: 
Different crystals emit different vibrations, and so, have different properties. In order for them to work best, it is important that we make them ours by infusing them with our energy and that of what we want the crystals to help us achieve. Select your crystal carefully so it matches your intention. Hold it in your hands or against your solar plexus chakra, and as you breathe, generate the energy of what you want to manifest by thinking of it, as if you have it already. Visualize this energy permeating the crystal through its point of contact with your skin. Continue breathing consciously. You will know your crystal is activated when you feel it getting very hot, or when you sense it tingling against your skin with the sensation of a very faint electric current.

2. Display crystals around your space.
This is by far the easiest way to use crystals. Put them in specific areas of your home according to their purpose and your intention, clean and reactivate them periodically, but otherwise, just let them do their job! For instance, I like to have carnelian, adventurine, and citrine on my desk, because these crystals boost my creativity, attract abundance to my business, and help me clear my mind from clutter and concentrate on my work. In the bedroom, I like having rose quartz to promote love and harmony in my relationship, and amethyst for peaceful sleep. In the bathroom, I like having rose quartz because it is associated to Venus, the goddess of beauty, and promotes self-love and a healthy relationship with my physical appearance. In the kitchen, I always display blue crystals such as apatite and angelite, because they help me eat more mindfully and have a healthier relationship with food. Above the front door, we have a large piece of citrine, which prevents negative energy from entering our apartment. And in our cars, I have stashed black tourmaline, obsidian and jet for protection against, uh, our very special category of #VirginiaDrivers These are just a few examples of how I use crystals around the house!

3. Carry crystals on yourself.
In the first year after I got into crystals, I carried so many of them in my purse that I ended up having pretty bad neck, shoulder, and back pain! This has taught me to resist my impulse to bundle up every crystal, intention, and purpose possible, and instead focus on one thing at a time. I now only carry one or two crystals in my purse, selecting them mindfully and using them as a touchstone in meditation when I’m out and about. I also like to carry an adventurine crystal or a small piece of unrefined emerald in my wallet, to promote wealth and financial freedom.

4. Wear crystals as jewelry.
A great way to absorb the energy of crystals is by wearing them as jewelry. If you are crafty, you can take a specific crystal and wire-wrap it, then wear it as a pendant around your neck (there are many Youtube tutorials showing you how to do that). If you’d rather look a little bit more polished,  you are in luck! Crystal jewelry is becoming very trendy lately. It is budget-friendly, and can be easily found in stores and online. So you are guaranteed to find the crystal(s) you need mounted in a setting that suits your style! The only thing you have to be mindful of is if you want to use water to cleanse your crystal, make sure the metal setting will not get tarnished or damaged beforehand.

5. Use crystals to help with healing.
This method may be a little bit more advanced, and requires some knowledge of chakras, but it is accessible to anyone nonetheless if you’re willing to do some research. One way I have been using crystals lately is by lying down on my bed (after creating a relaxing ambiance and making sure I won’t be disturbed for a while), and placing select crystals on the energy centers (or chakras) that I feel are blocked or need some healing. I allow myself to breathe mindfully into the concerned chakra(s) for as long as it takes to feel a difference. The crystal’s energy helps me tap into and amplify the healing abilities that I, like you and everyone else, am born with. For instance, if I’m feeling creatively stuck, I use a carnelian on my sacral chakra. If I’m recovering from something that caused me emotional distress, I will put a rose quartz crystal on my heart chakra. I could go on, but instead I’ll point you to this very useful article and chart on chakras and their corresponding crystals!

6. Infuse your water with crystals. 
My girlfriend treated me to a new crystal infuser bottle from TJ Maxx, and I love drinking out of it all day long! I took out the crystals that it came with, and added my own blend of aventurine, citrine, clear quartz and a couple of other stones to promote mental clarity and productivity. I don’t know what it is about crystal-infused water, but it just tastes so much better and more fresh than plain old H2O! Infusing drinking water with crystals is a great way to take in their energies. But a word of caution: never put crystals directly in water. Some crystals can become damaged, and others will leech chemicals into the water that are harmful for you to ingest. So use a crystal infuser bottle. They come with a little glass container on the inside that you can put your crystals in. This way, they infuse the water you drink with their energy without them being in direct contact  with it!

7. Make crystals a part of your beauty routine.
I’m not normally a big fan of trends, but I’m so grateful that crystals are becoming more and more mainstream. This not only brings attention to their benefits, but makes crystals and crystal-based products widely available and more accessible to everyone. I love that we now have crystal-infused beauty products and tools, such as the jade (or amethyst, or rose quartz) rollers that are making their way into every girl’s beauty cabinet. I’m also a major fan of facial oils, and love putting a rose quartz crystal in the bottle of oil I’m using*. Read more about crystal-infused beauty products here, and check out this tutorial on how to make your own gem oil!).

8. Use crystals in your magic rituals. 
Crystals are a wonderful tool to use in every kind of magic ritual. I believe they amplify and add to the energy of what you want to achieve, making your odds of success even higher. You can use them to cleanse and open yourself energetically before you begin your work, or place them on your altar or wherever you perform your ritual. I like to display them around the candle I’m using. Crystals also work great in spell bottles and jars (check out the abundance jar I made earlier this year), as amulets, and in mojo bags.

I hope this article answers the questions you may have about how to use healing crystals! There’s a lot more to be said on the subject, so this topic will make a few more appearances on my blog in the future! I also hope you feel inspired to get yourself some and make them a part of your self-care rituals, spiritual practice, and everyday life. Please let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions, and don’t hesitate to share your favorite ways to use crystals!

Much love,


*I made some research, and it looks like putting products that are in direct contact with crystals on your skin doesn’t appear to be toxic or otherwise harmful to your health, like water would be. But again, I am not giving medical advice and strongly advise you to do your own research before coming to any conclusions!

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