Embracing transformation: why you shouldn’t resist change, but welcome it instead.

Embracing transformation: why you shouldn’t resist change, but welcome it instead.

Lately, Death has been popping up in every single tarot reading I recently did to myself or others. This isn’t a coincidence, but makes quite a bit of sense. The thirteenth card of the Major Arcana signifies transformation brought by changes that we spend a lot of time and energy resisting, but in vain, because they will happen regardless of the efforts we make to stop them.

There’s no denial that we all are currently going through very difficult times. Many of us are under a lot of pressure from being cooped up in their homes, and let’s not forget the financial difficulty that nearly everyone is experiencing. So, even at a time when everything is on pause, we are going through a lot of change that we don’t want at all. Many solid relationships are ending (including two of my favorite lesbian Youtube personalities). Everywhere, people are being laid off their jobs, forced to close their businesses, experiencing a loss of status of some sort, and enduring more changes than they would care for.


What if all of this is in our favor?

What if we manifested all this transformation on a higher level of our consciousness? What if our inner self, who is seamlessly connected to the Universe, knows our future? What if it turns out that the changes, no matter how uncomfortable, scary, or even painful, are just one big clean-up to make room for something much better?

Looking back at my life, there are so many instance where I resisted against change that seemed like the end of the world to me, but ultimately, the change occurred (thank goodness!) and it was all in my favor.

For example, seven years ago, when my ex-fiancée broke up with me via email, I was devastated, and spent months trying extremely hard to get her back. Looking back, this was the Universe and my higher self both telling me, “Giiiirl, this woman isn’t good for you at all. You need to walk away so you can rebuild yourself and attract true love”. Yes, it was my “fault” she broke up with me (I had become angry after she did something pretty bad), but now that I think of it, I manifested this break-up and the aftermath (including a couple more unsuccessful relationships that followed a similar pattern), because it was a necessary step for me to realize that my ex wasn’t a good partner or a healthy person for me to be around.

And guess what? Today, I have found real, beautiful, sustainable love, and I am in the best relationship I could hope for. My girlfriend is loving, kind, beautiful, insanely sexy, and most importantly, respectful. Respect is sexy, y’all. Respect is really the sexiest thing ever.

The Universe and my higher self knew, every single time, what was best for me. So right now, while I consider myself very lucky to be less affected than many others by the current situation, I just trust that everything is happening in my favor, even what isn’t happening fast enough or at all. I even trust that certain things that make me sad (like the possibility of businesses I love closing down permanently) are happening to allow better things to take place.

So if you are finding yourself wasting all your energy (and driving your loved ones and yourself insane) by resisting change, make, instead, the conscientious decision to embrace it and welcome it with open arms. No matter how scary it is, especially if the outcome is unknown yet, trust that there are opportunities for you in every single crisis you face.

Let go, and let God.

Namasté and much love,


Photo by Vincent van Zalinge.

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