Empress Chronicles, Part 11: New Year and New Beginnings

Empress Chronicles, Part 11: New Year and New Beginnings

Happy (belated) new year, my beauties!

I am writing this post from my new workspace downtown, overlooking the water. Not that I can see much of the water right now, because the sun hasn’t come up yet. To paint a complete scene, I am sipping some peppermint green tea and munching on some chips that yesterday night, out of sheer exhaustion, I packed in a glass container in lieu of a proper lunch.

(But believe me, I had been doing quite well earlier in the week, with neatly packed bento boxes boasting a healthy lunch of quinoa, boiled eggs, and sautéed vegetables, brought to life by the best Trinidadian curry power the world has ever seen.)

I can already hear you thinking, “She is up before sunrise?”, and believe me, I’m just as incredulous. I never thought of myself as much of an early morning person, but for the past two weeks or so, due to a massive change of circumstances for both myself and my partner (it’s all good, I promise you), I have been rising at around 4:30 AM, and getting here a little before six.

As I said, sheer exhaustion hits shortly after I get home at the end of the day, but I am certain that I will get used to this schedule at some point!

Signing up for this co-working space was a goal that I worked on reaching since the late summer of last year. It was finally reached two weeks ago, on January 11th (1/11 or 11/1, either way, so much Empress Energy in that number!). Rather unexpectedly, if I may say, but then again, I have a rather good mastery of manifestation (since, well, I teach it).

Being here means a lot to me. It means that my business now has an extra layer of legitimacy. It means that I have all the tools, space and resources I need to create new content, including a strong internet connection and a podcasting booth (yes, there will be an Empress Within podcast pretty soon!). It means that whatever else I come up with (perhaps a handmade product line!), I have the space to accomplish. It means that I now have the space for workshops, and no longer need to worry about disclosing my home address to people I have never met before. It means that I have a set schedule, and a clear separation between my work and my personal life (something I struggled to achieve for the longest time when working from home). It means that when I leave, my workday ends, and that when I get home, I can read or veg out in front of the TV (among my favorite shows: NCIS, 9-1-1, The Rookie, and This Is Us) without a nagging sense of guilt whenever I look at my desk and feel like I should be working instead.

I won’t lie, I have been feeling a little bit overwhelmed since I got here. Like I had too many tabs open in my mind. And I had to stop beating myself up and take the time to process this feeling, so I could release it and begin to truly flow in my creative work. Various things have helped me dissipate this mental fog, such as taking walks (when the weather allowed), meditating, blessing my tea with creative energy, doing ten minutes of free-writing visualization, and using my Wiccan oils.

It’s quite funny that in this era where working from home is the new normal, I am going in the opposite direction, and transitioning from home to an office. Obviously, all COVID-19 precautions are taken. There is only a small handful of people working in this pretty massive space, and very, very physically distanced. Masks are worn when circulating, sanitizing everything is de rigueur, and a professional cleaning team comes in regularly throughout the day. And as an added layer of precaution, I plan to get the vaccine as soon as I become eligible to do so.

But enough about the virus. Let me talk to you about what’s coming to The Empress Within in the next few weeks and months.

You might have heard of my revamped Keys to Manifestation online course – it will be taking place from February 7th to February 28th. I am so excited to teach this course and cannot wait to get started!

I am also working on a new VIP Membership section on my website, so that exclusive content can be accessed more easily and without having to go through a Facebook group. It will also just look better!

The Empress Within podcast is coming sometimes this year, most likely in the spring.

Also, I launched a merchandise line, so now you can treat yourself to tee-shirts, mugs, makeup bags, towels, phone cases, and many more items with The Empress Within’s signature Hamsa logo on them!

And lastly – the thing I’m most excited about by far is my next book! It will be all about The Empress and how to channel her energy within us so we can create the life we want. This book will be available for pre-order pretty soon, so make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter for updates!

I just looked up and saw that the sun is finally rising above the city skyline and the water. My goodness, how beautiful the pink and blue skies look, streaked with white clouds! I wish I could take a picture and share it with you, but the glass windows cause a bit of a glare*. Might as well – a winter sunrise as gorgeous as this one should be enjoyed in the moment, rather than witnessed through a screen.

With that, dearest readers, I leave you here!

Much love,

*The photo used in this post is by Igor Kasalovic on Unsplash.

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