Empress Energy and How to Channel It

Empress Energy and How to Channel It

Let’s talk about Empress Energy today. 

Empress Energy is the energy of divine, exalted, and empowered womanhood. It comes from your Inner Empress, that is the best, happiest, most successful, wealthiest and most powerful version of you. Empress Energy creates a direct connection, or energetic flux between you and the divine source that we all come from (which we may refer to as the Universe, God, Spirit, etc). 

All women are born with an Inner Empress, and all women are born with Empress Energy and the ability to channel and use it. This is a fact. 

And Empress Energy is so infinitely powerful that, when you channel it and use it, it can only change your life. When all women channel and use Empress Energy, they can truly heal the world. 

Visualizing Empress Energy can be different to every one of us. The way I view Empress Energy is light the color of rose quartz, with flecks of gold to it. There is femininity, healing and gentleness in the pink, but there’s also a lot of power, as it is a lighter shade of red. Gold represents joy, kindness, value, wealth, and warmth. Empress Energy feels warm when I channel it in my body, it smells like roses and sandalwood and frankincense, and its vibrations are loud enough that I can hear them, a mix of ocean waves and the sound of sand being poured. 

But this is by no means definitive – Empress Energy can and most likely look or feel differently to you. 

It doesn’t have to be the same than me. 

It just is. 

Here are a few ways you can channel Empress Energy: 

– Moving your body: walking, running, swimming, dancing, whatever you feel called to doing. 

– Projective journaling about what your best life looks like. 

– Cultivating a healthy rapport with your femininity by exploring what it means for you to be a woman, releasing preconceived ideas and “rules” imposed on you by society, and making your own. 

– Exploring your sensuality – sex magic, baby! Or just sex for the fun of it! (On your own or with a partner.)

– Having a spiritual practice: yoga, meditation, magic rituals, etc. 

– Practicing gratitude. Gratitude is powerful enough to change your life!

– Making small changes towards the best version of your life.

– Performing acts of love, kindness, and nurture towards others.

– Getting involved in a cause that is important to you. 

– Taking your power back and never relinquishing it ever again!

Your Inner Empress is ready to come out and embody you. She wants you to live your best life, and she has guided you to where you are today so you can align yourself with her energy. 

As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer them for you! 

Much love, 


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Photo by Assem Gniyat on Unsplash

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