Empress Within Core Values

At the Empress Within, here is what we believe and stand for:

  1. We believe that feminism that promotes equality, the well-being, the safety and the advancement of women, and that is inclusive of BIPOC, LGBT+ people, and sex workers.
  2. We believe that transwomen are women, and a human incarnation of divine feminine energy, just like cisgender women. Plain and simple.
  3. We believe that Black Lives Matter. (Also plain and simple.)
  4. We believe that standing up for racial and gender equality is our patriotic duty.
  5. The Empress Within strives to be a safe community for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.
  6.  We believe that love is love, and we are resolved to be inclusive to LGBT+ people.
  7. We believe in the freedom to practice one’s religion, but we do not support forcing religion on other people, restraining freedoms, or putting people in harmful positions.
  8. We oppose religious beliefs that promote white supremacy, homophobia, and/or the submission of women to men.
  9. We support an individual’s right to make their own medical decisions, including terminating an unwanted pregnancy.
  10. We firmly believe in science, and that traditional and modern medicine should work together, rather than be pitted against each other, to help an individual heal. We believe it’s up to you to make those decisions from an informed place, without pressure to choose one side or the other.
  11. We believe in the importance of receiving proper mental healthcare from a licensed practitioner – we do NOT encourage using holistic methods (meditation, yoga, energy healing) as an alternative to medication and therapy (although they can be combined to your treatment plan if your provider recommends it).
  12. We encourage women to seek financial independence and freedom by making well-informed, educated, and wise choices. We support both traditional employment and entrepreneurship, as well as other ways to diversify one’s income.
  13. While we support women who start their own businesses, we discourage partaking in multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes due to the unethical nature of such schemes.
  14. We support, encourage, and celebrate women who are in positions of power and authority, especially BIPOC and LGBT+ women.
  15. We believe that when a woman empowers herself, she inevitably empowers other women, hence creating a ripple effect that will heal the world, and make it a happier, safer, and more just place for all living beings.