I firmly believe that when a woman takes her power back, she unlocks her full potential and blossoms into every aspect of her life. She becomes a magnet for abundance, joy, and well-being, and everything and everyone she touches turns to gold, blessed by the beautiful energy she is a channel for. 

When a woman takes her power back, she begins to truly live and thrive, not just survive. She becomes a breaker of cycles and generational curses. And she earns the ability to truly transform the lives of others around her, creating a powerful wave of change that does not know the boundaries of time and space. 

I was not always an empowered woman. I spent much of my first decade of adulthood tethered to the toxic and abusive relatives I grew up around, who wanted me to fail and did everything they could to hurt me. I experienced financial scarcity, homelessness, and horrible relationships, and it felt as if I would never be able to break free from that cycle. 

Until one day, after so many blows that happened at the same time, after I lost almost everything I held dear within a few short weeks, it all became too much. 

In that darkness, something within me was ignited. 

I had found Spirit. 

Not just lighting candles, pulling tarot cards, doing yoga, and meditating. 

(Though these things are definitely helpful and fun!)

It was the divine, universal energy of hope, love, faith and power, true, pure. 

That thing, within me, that prevented me from giving up. 

The light at the end of the tunnel that became brighter and brighter, as it slowly manifested into different aspects of my life. 

Within that energy, I found my power. 


And it truly turned my life upside down. 

I walked away from toxicity, I set important boundaries, I started my business, I published a book, and I found real love. 

I wasn’t always the biggest believer in spirituality. But after this life-altering transformation I went through, and I saw other women I worked with go through, it is now my firm belief that when you combine a spiritual practice with mindful, intentional life changes, you find your ultimate, unlimited power. And when you tap into your power, when you take it back, claim it, and refuse to give it away, you heal, you transform, and you create an infinitely blessed, abundant, and beautiful life. 

Today, my goal, my mission, and my life purpose are to show other women how they can empower themselves. How they can walk away from toxicity and CLAIM the life they deserve. And then how, in turn, they can empower other women. 

This movement of empowered women is the very essence of the Empress Collective. 

What is the Empress Collective?

The Empress Collective is an online membership and community that empowers you by teaching you how to combine spirituality and mindful, intentional life changes to walk away from what no longer serves you, heal, and create the life of your dreams. 

The Empress Collective provides you with inspiring and instructional content, self-coaching resources, courses, spiritual tools, and more! 

Most importantly, you get to connect, bond, inspire and be inspired by hundreds of like-minded women, who are all in the Collective to turn adversity into abundance!

The Empress Collective Perks: 

Facebook Group – Free until September 1st, 2022:
– A supportive community of hundreds of like-minded women.
– Live tarot readings, rituals, and instructional videos.
– Inspirational, motivating posts.
– Events, exclusive announcements, and other fun surprises! 

The Empress Collective – $22.22/month:
– Exclusive blog posts, videos, and other types of content.
– A monthly self-coaching worksheet.
– A monthly group coaching call.
– A free 3-card PDF reading upon joining, and on the yearly anniversary of the date you joined.
– Free access to select self-paced courses and programs*.
– First looks and behind-the-scenes access to my upcoming books!

The Pink Envelope Add-On (US only**) – $33.33/month:

All the perks of the Empress Collective, PLUS a large, hot-pink bubble mailer envelope, delivered to your home every month, and containing around 3 (or more) spiritual items that I have selected myself and infused with Reiki. These items correspond to a monthly theme and come with a card containing instructions on how to use them in a common live-streamed ritual or on your own. Similar instructions will be shared in the Facebook group and on the Ko-fi membership website.

Click here to sign up for the Empress Collective!

*Excludes signature courses, programs, and challenges.
**The Empress Collective Pink Envelope Add-On is only available for US-based members at the moment, as we are still working out international shipping and possible customs restrictions. We hope to be able to deliver our pink envelopes of joy to our international members as soon as possible and are actively working towards this goal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access my membership?
Signing up and accessing all your Empress Collective membership content is through Ko-fi, and inside the Facebook group.

How soon will it take for me to be added to the Facebook group?
While I typically add people who request access to the Facebook group very quickly during regular business hours, please allow up to 24 hours to be accepted into the Facebook group. 

I signed up the membership on Ko-fi. How soon will I access my perks?
When you join the Empress Collective, you will instantly gain access to the already-published blog posts and self-coaching worksheets. You will be notified via email, on Ko-fi, and on Facebook when the monthly group coaching call is available and how to join. I will also send you an email to arrange for your PDF tarot reading – as such, please make sure that you add “youaretheempresswithin@gmail.com” to your contact list, so my email doesn’t land in your spam folder! 

How do I cancel my membership?
While we would hate to see you go, here is how to cancel your Empress Collective membership

I need help with Ko-fi. How do I find that?
Visit this link to find all the answers to your questions! 

I am unable to use PayPal to join the collective. Do you have any other payment options?
I understand that not everyone can pay with PayPal, so I am happy to offer options, such as Venmo, CashApp, and recurring credit card payments. You can send me an email at youaretheempresswithin@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook or Instagram to set up your membership. 

Please be advised that while you will have access to the Facebook group, if you do not sign up via Ko-fi, you will have any content uploaded to this platform sent to you via email. That’s because Ko-fi does not allow me to give free memberships to people who pay through other means. 

I want to sign up for the Pink Envelope add-on. When will I receive my first envelope?
Envelopes are shipped on the first business day of a given month. The cut-off date to receive a given month’s envelope is the 21st of the previous month. This way, we have enough time to order enough supplies, pack the envelopes, and address them.
For example, if you sign up before May 21st, your envelope will be shipped on the first business day of June.
If you sign up after May 21st, you will receive the following month’s envelope, which will be sent to you on the first business day of July.
(At times, if we have enough supplies on hand, we may be able to ship an envelope to you if you sign up between the 21st of the month and the first business day of the next month. This cannot, however, be guaranteed. When we have extra envelopes on hand, we will make announcements on social media and in The Empress Within newsletter.)

How long will it take for my Pink Envelope to be delivered?
Pink Envelopes ship out on the first business day of the month via USPS. Depending on where you are located, your envelope should be delivered to you within 3-5 business days.

I love the mission and purpose of The Empress Within, and I would like to support you outside of the membership. How can I do that?
Thank you for your support! I accept one-time donations through the Ko-fi platform. Visit https://ko-fi.com/theempresswithin to support me! 

I need more help. How can I reach out to you?
Please send me an email at “youaretheempresswithin@gmail.com” (make sure to add this address to your contacts and check your spam folder to make sure my reply hasn’t landed there) or contact me on Facebook or Instagram!