Finding My Purpose: How I Became A Spiritual Life Coach And Author

Finding My Purpose: How I Became A Spiritual Life Coach And Author

Earlier today, while I was designing and ordering new business cards, I thought about how my life journey had brought me to the profession I am in right now: an author, spiritual life coach, tarot professional, and founder of The Empress Within. 

I often get asked how and why I got into this career path, so today I thought I’d tell you how it all came together.

Let’s start with the author part. I have aways loved reading, and especially writing. As a child, I would always write stories. In my early twenties, I wrote the first draft of a drama novel revolving around opera, and then I self-published memoirs in French. Many times, I was almost discouraged from pursuing a writing career by people around me, and heard it all: “there’s no money in writing”, “self-publishing means you’re not a true author”, etc.

But I never stopped. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t have – when there are books and other works within you that want to come to life, you cannot stop them.

Fresh out of high school, I thought I was going to study political science, get a law degree, and work at the United Nations or on Capitol Hill. But life took a very different turn after my first (and, incidentally, only) year of college. That’s a whole other story for another time, but let’s say that all of the sudden, the very straightforward path that I thought I was on crumbled beneath my feet and turned into a minefield riddled with adversity, and my main priority became survival.

In my early twenties, I dabbled in different things – fiction, nonfiction, writing a fashion and lifestyle blog, and so on. I learned tarot at twenty-three and briefly offered professional readings before giving up (I think I was meant to deepen my personal practice before charging for it!). And because I needed to earn a living, I taught French, held a few administrative positions, and worked as a nanny and Uber driver.

Then, my spiritual journey took a major turn when I discovered yoga and energy healing. I had revelation after revelation, and, at the Winter Solstice of 2018, I realized I was ready to use my tarot skills to help others.

From the start, my approach to tarot was more akin to coaching. Rather than predicting the future (which is impossible), I would use my cards to give people advice on how to explore their questionings from different perspectives.

(You can read more about my approach to tarot right here.)

In addition, my life experience (walking away from an abusive mother and family and struggling in my early adulthood) gave me a unique perspective to help others, especially victims of abuse from the hands of their parents and families. I loved being a part of online support groups and responding to other members’ posts with support, encouragement, and advice.

And I know this may sound cliché, but friends often came to me for advice and guidance, because they felt that I was naturally gifted to give them that.

So a year or so after I started The Empress Within, I decided that I wanted to officially become a spiritual life coach, and offer coaching services separately from tarot.

So shortly after publishing my first book, You Hold The Cards, (it’s a guide to tarot for beginners using my aforementioned non-psychic approach), I searched for and found a spiritual life coach certification program.

It was extremely important for me to get certified, because I wanted to be as ethical as possible and provide my clients with true expertise. Anyone can be a coach, since the industry isn’t regulated, but I didn’t feel comfortable charging people without having the proper qualifications that come with a certification program.

I earned my certification in May 2020, and officially launched my coaching services a few months later – the energy had to feel just right!

Today, I have moved into an office building, and am running every aspect of this business, writing a second book, coaching one-on-one clients, offering a membership program, creating online courses, selling merchandise, hosting in-person events, and planning more things for the future.

For instance, I am planning to launch a podcast very soon, and start selling handmade watercolor paintings. It goes without saying that I have many more books in the works (including, maybe, a work of fiction). Later on, I plan to collaborate with a tea brand to create a line of loose-lead blends, then add candles, jewelry, and apparel, and launch a full-blown lifestyle brand with brick and mortar stores (think: metaphysical store meets cat café). I also plan to offer a coaching certification program, start a publishing house, and maybe a magazine…

It goes without saying that I have very big dreams for The Empress Within, many of which have already been accomplished!

(Side note: it is a challenge sometimes, because I tend to be disorganized – I’m a Pisces – and spread myself pretty thin! But I’m working on it. Pisces style. And not to mention that some more technical aspects of running this business (like scheduling social media posts!) tend to leave me creatively drained – but I’m working on pushing through and creating energetic flow within those tasks!)

Looking around me today, I am still mesmerized by how far I came. I’m writing this post from my office in downtown Norfolk, which is a far cry from where I first started this business: on a rickety plastic folding laptop stand, living with relatives in a toxic household where I felt unwelcome, unloved, and unsafe.

But I believe that it was Divine Timing that put me on this journey and helped me manifest all I have now, in life and business.

I am really happy to have found my true purpose through The Empress Within, and to be able to earn a living from it. What I love the most about what I do is helping other women and making a difference in their lives. Nothing makes me happier than seeing women take their own power back, stand up to bullies, walk away from toxic situations, and release habits that no longer serve them.

I do what I do because I believe that when women take their power back, they can empower their immediate circles, their communities, and, in time, create a ripple effect that makes the World a better place.

So there you have it, the story of how I came to doing what I do! I hope that you found this informative! I will soon write a few more posts about the technical/business aspects of this career path, including self-publishing. In the meantime, I’m happy to answer your questions – please leave them in the comments below or email me:

Much love,

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