Five Mindset and Lifestyle Changes to Add More Spirit Into Your Life

Five Mindset and Lifestyle Changes to Add More Spirit Into Your Life

Unlike previous years, my resolution for 2022 was simple: “Flow, don’t force.”

I had spent the year before, up until the last day, trying to force things to happen, and straining myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the process. 

The thing with forcing is that it creates resistance around what you desire. 

Every time I tried to “force” an outcome in my life and business, I would get the opposite outcome. 

For instance, when I would start worrying about a prospective client and whether they were going to sign up for private coaching with me, the client would suddenly back away or not pay me on time. Even if I kept a cool exterior when communicating with said client, my energy spoke the truth, and that resistance attracted more of what I didn’t want. 

In my defense, it’s hard for me to not try to control outcomes. After all the chaos and uncertainty I went through in my life, I struggle sometimes to let go and trust that everything will be okay. 

This is why my motto for this year, which came to me during my daily meditation practice in December, has been a life changer. 

It has helped me become more conscious of the instances where I try to control situations and outcomes. 

And when I am more aware, I am capable of choosing a different approach, from a more rational perspective. 

What has helped me go with the flow is making a few mindset and lifestyle switches. These all pertain to areas of my life where I had a lot of blockages in the past, that I am slowly and gently releasing now. 

1. Cleaning and tidying up as a spiritual practice, and an act of dedication and service. 

I don’t like to clean, but… it has to be done.

So, I try to do whatever I can to make it somewhat enjoyable (listening to a fun podcast, organizing the products and tools I’m using, and rewarding myself after I’m done).

I wrote a post last year about how to turn this chore into a spiritual practice, but lately, I’ve taken this a bit further by looking at cleaning as an act of dedication and service.

I was inspired by a Buddhist temple I visited several years ago, where I helped nuns empty out and dry copper bowls of water in front of every Buddha statue on the property (you can read more about this practice and its significance here.

Remembering the peace that I felt during and after this act of dedication, I thought, “what if I viewed cleaning my home the same way?”

So, I started viewing it as an act of service towards the beings I share this home with (pets, plants, and partner!), towards myself, and towards my future self.

After all, I can’t manifest my best life if I live in a dirty space!

I started cleaning, and not only was the task itself somehow easier and faster than it normally is, but the energy in my space was completely different! 

2. Infusing the food I prepare with Reiki. 

I got my Level 2 Reiki certification recently (and am currently studying to become a Reiki Master).

So, I am using this new skill to supercharge my space, food, and life with healing and empowering energy.

Doing this isn’t something I’m exactly new at (I wrote a post a while back about how to channel energy into your hands), but the formal training definitely adds something extra to the whole thing!

I love to cook and infusing the food with Reiki energy as I make it makes it absolutely delicious!

It also helps me be more present as I prepare the food (as if I was in my own ASMR video!). 

3. Nurturing my creativity every day. 

I’m a Pisces, so creativity is a big trait of mine. However, it’s also something that needs to be nurtured on the regular to keep it going.

I know that when I don’t do something creative everyday (but instead, spend a significant chunk of time binge-watching TV or playing mindless games on my phone), I end up feeling flat and disconnected from my true self.

So for the month of May, I have challenged myself to fill a sketchbook page with pencil drawings every day.

One of my dreams is to create beautiful watercolor illustrations (fashion, people, florals, objects, a little bit of everything!) and to turn them into a business. I know that in order to achieve that, I need to practice.

So, I am doing it every day, starting with the simplest thing I can do (just pencil, no ink or paint). I mindfully dedicate this practice to the growth of my skills and talent, so that one day I can make my dream of being an illustrator come true!

As a side benefit, drawing (or any form of art) helps me manifest, because this is how I connect with my power as a creator, especially when I see a blank page become filled with drawings that were not there, but that I channeled from within myself! 

4. Staying away from drama. 

Up until 2020, I had a lot of drama in my life. Former friends who trashed my business and reputation, toxic relatives, and people who I allowed into my life but who only brought heaps of trouble and negativity. 

But around two years ago, I decided that I had enough, and progressively began distancing myself from sources of drama. While it was hard, at times, it brought me the peace I desperately needed and didn’t know how good it felt until I experienced it for the first time. 

Drama doesn’t leave when you distance yourself from the people who cause it – sometimes, it can be caused by you, for a number of different reasons. 

The key here is to be forgiving towards yourself, and to develop more self-awareness so that you don’t become the source of the drama that you worked so hard to eradicate. 

I’m teaching myself to refuse to feed into drama, and to respond to people with emotional supply when they’re trying to cause drama. I do it by being very selective with where I choose to put my energy, and whether it’s worth spending any of it at all. 

When you refuse (as much as possible) to feed into drama, in time, it will avoid you.

And when you cut off the emotional supply, drama-hungry people will tend to stay away from you. 

5. Nurturing my spirituality through practice and education. 

I feel like I’m reaching another level in my spiritual practice, where I’m allowing myself to flow (again – this applies to everything in my life!). 

I’m no longer forcing myself to do things that, at times, may be draining. 

If I don’t feel like waking up at 6AM and doing yoga every morning, I’m no longer beating myself up for that. Instead, I look at other, more flexible ways that my spiritual practice can express itself (through cooking, for instance, which is something I do everyday!).

I’m also expanding my knowledge and learning more about things that I feel drawn to. Reiki is one, and I’m also studying masculine and feminine energies and how they express themselves in our lives! 

Living a more peaceful and abundant life is the energy that I’m inviting into my thirties. I released all the chaos, drama, and instability of my twenties, and I welcomed a new, improved, wiser version of myself, who knows better and does better by herself. 

I hope these tips have inspired you to make mindful switches in your own life. 

Now… How can you flow? 

Ask yourself this question, and let me know what you come up with in the comments section!

Much love, 

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