Fresh herbs, rebirth, and growth during a global pandemic.

Fresh herbs, rebirth, and growth during a global pandemic.

In tarot, The Tower (16) represents chaos and devastation, not unlike what our world is going through right now. It shows the consequences of poor planning, and of choosing instant gratification over solid foundations. However, in certain decks, The Tower shows, at the bottom of the lightning-struck, flame-engulfed structure, new growth. These mini-shrubs carry the promise of rebirth and renewal, and represent hope that we should cultivate all around us as we wait for this pandemic to end.

My girlfriend, who knows gardening really well (how lucky am I, right?! #TotallyManifestedHer), bought some aromatic herb seeds a couple of weeks ago and is sprouting them in an egg carton. It is on the living room windowsill (fortunately, our two cats haven’t knocked them down – touching wood!), and we check on it every day to see what’s growing.

Our basil is growing faster than all the other herbs, and I am quite excited for different reasons:

  1. It is my favorite aromatic herb, and I can’t wait to add it to all the dishes I make. Frankly, dried basil just isn’t good enough. And while you can buy fresh basil at the store, when it’s something you’ve grown yourself (or someone you love has grown!), it just tastes so much better! Also, homemade pesto whenever we want some! No more opening a jar and having to use it all within a few days or throw it away!
  2. Basil is said to bring prosperity and is often used in money spells. So as I watch it grow, I visualize wealth blessing our household and my business. I cannot wait for the leaves to be big enough so I can add one to my prosperity jar!
  3. I’m just excited about this new life and about what it represents in our relationship (it’s almost like having a baby, which will happen in a couple of years! We might be getting another kitten soon, however). There’s something beautiful about this energy of rebirth and renewal, something that turns our thoughts away from the chaos of COVID-19.

The truth is, I am now at the happiest I’ve been in my life. I have achieved my dream of moving to coastal Virginia, published a book (and working on another one!), am growing my business, found love, live in a beautiful home with dangerously cute pets (and the sexiest woman in the world, FYI), and am surrounded only by wonderful people.

Spring is happening right before our eyes, standing defiantly in front of the global pandemic. It is a promise that life and love will always win.

So hang on tight, my darlings, and let’s dedicate a time, daily, to manifest (or pray for) an end to this crisis and a return to better and improved normal.

Much love and namaste,


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