Empress Chronicles, Part 2: Hello, March!

Empress Chronicles, Part 2: Hello, March!

I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow covering my street and backyard. It was March, my birth month (#PiscesYall!), welcoming us in the most beautiful way possible.

I caught a bad cold earlier this week, making my voice coarse and breathing difficult. I did use over-the-counter medication, essential oils, and #Jenergy tips (I’ll be telling you more about Jenergy soon – it’s yogic fabulosity like you’ve never seen it before!) to deal with the situation, but it’s one of those colds that need to get worse before they get better.

In the meantime, I stay warm, cuddle with my kitten, drink tons of tea, read, and catch up on movies I didn’t see yet (Mary, Queen of Scots was amazing and I wish Saoirse Ronan won the Oscar for Best Actress!).

So I’m rather grateful to have three days (since I’m not working outside the house today) to recuperate, and I’m hopeful that by Monday, I’ll be fully healed, although if any higher power is currently listening, I’d truly appreciate being able to sing in my church choir on Sunday morning!

(Yes, I read tarot cards, am a redhead, have a black cat, a back-breaking collection of crystals and gemstones, do yoga, and go to church!)

I woke up this morning and, feeling in need of comfort, I had a video call with my grandmother in Lebanon. We ended up talking about Maryam Nour, a New Age guru and TV personality who is better-known for insulting people who do not agree with her (sometimes preposterous) principles and walking out of sets in anger, along with her friendship with Khaddafi – the woman’s quite something, and in my opinion, she’s not exactly making New Age a favour in parts of the world where it isn’t easily accepted.

All this to say that I tried to mimic Maryam Noor while chatting with my grandmother and got a very bad coughing fit, sounding more like the ill-fated heroine of Verdi’s La Traviata.

On the other hand, yesterday I found myself thinking that as inconvenient and uncomfortable as my cold was, I was still grateful to have it. Many of my friends live with diseases such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, and they go on with their lives, working and taking care of their spouses, children, and homes. I’m lucky to have had no major health issues so far – and pray that I won’t get any throughout my life.

And yes, I’m aware I tend to whine a lot at the first ouchie – like two weeks ago when I cut my index finger pretty badly while chopping an onion. Fortunately, the cut healed quite fast thanks to my trusted essential oils kit, and this video of a smart, easy technique to fix my broken nail (that kept catching onto things, arrgh!) was a true lifesaver.

As I’m about to turn 27, I’ve noticed I’m building a new relationship with stress and anxiety, and looking differently at people with a tendency for troublemaking (Matthew 5:44 all the way!). I’m still determined to make 2019 my year and not let anything come in my way, and so far, I’m winning: everything’s going exactly the way I want it to (mostly; I’d rather not be sick at the moment!). I’ve been thinking about all the things I discovered in the past year that helped me change for the best: among others, yoga (again, I’ll tell you all about it very soon!), this amazing app, and Gabby Bernstein’s books (seriously, she’s smart, hot, gorgeous and I have totally found my New Age role model in her!)

I’m currently making some more tea and debating whether I should wait a couple more days until I feel better and can do a live #taroscope video for March, or just put everything in a blog post today and do the live sometimes next week.

It’s quite funny because I feel like this illness has made me extremely open psychically and I can sense things with much more ease than usual. But I’d take being healthy over being a super-psychic anytime!

Regardless of my health state, I’m still highly intuitive and quite good at reading tarot – as per my latest review: “Sophie is exceptional at reading tarot. She has an encyclopedic comprehension of the tarot symbolism and meanings.”

So if you’re tempted to get a reading with me, don’t hesitate! I’m running a special offer for new clients who can get their first 60-minute reading for $50 instead of $90. Send me a message via the contact form, email me, or write to me on Facebook or Instagram to book your reading and get your discount!

I’ll see you all in my live video very soon!



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