How to replenish yourself spiritually.

How to replenish yourself spiritually.

I have been writing a lot about power recently, so today I thought I’d continue on with that topic by talking about how to replenish our spiritual powers when they feel down.

There are many times our powers feel like they are down. It can be after an illness, a stressful period, a life-changing event, living in a toxic, abusive household, or just having an argument with a relative, friend, or partner. Personally, I felt pretty drained spiritually after the holiday season, especially when I was hit with pretty bad PMS.

While the root cause doesn’t necessarily stand out, and can be an accumulation of things all at once, the symptoms of spiritual exhaustion are clear nonetheless. Essentially, you feel too drained to pursue any sort of magic or visualization work as you normally do. You feel that it takes you huge amounts of energy to manifest only a fraction of what you’re normally capable of. And you also are a little more vulnerable to energy vampires and spiritual attacks (I’m making a mental note to write more about these later).

It’s important to replenish yourself as soon as you can, because if you don’t do it, not only your manifestation power is low, but you become likely to attract more of the stuff you don’t want in your life. That’s the downside of the law of attraction: when you focus on the negative, you attract more negativity. So it’s important to make yourself feel good as soon as possible, to avoid getting stuck in the vicious cycle where you attract more things that will drain you spiritually.

The good news is, there are many ways to replenish yourself spiritually and refill your batteries (it’s kinda like a video game!). You can choose whichever you feel most inclined to do (let your intuition guide you to it!), and then layer on a few more as you feel better and better.

  • Yoga is my number one practice for feeling better. It is available for me whenever I need it. I love yoga because it is a dedicated, distraction-free time for me to sit down and show myself love and compassion. My body needs it to remove energy blocks with powerful breath, and my soul needs it to quiet down anxious and negative thoughts. I learned and practice yoga at this magnificent place but also use this book and this one to guide myself when I’m doing yoga at home.
  • Meditation is also something I do, or at least try to, because it is tricky for my thoughts not to drift towards what is stressing me when I am not guided, but I’m working on it, and practice makes perfect, in that case! I’m lucky to have a great meditation teacher at my yoga studio, but there are countless apps and guided meditation videos on Youtube for to pick from.
  • Reading tarot cards is an empowering practice, because by doing that, you’re taking control over the situation that’s draining you, studying it, looking at it from a different angle and gaining introspection, clarity, and knowledge on how to best deal with it. You can learn tarot by reading my book (out on February 19th, 2020!), attending one of my in-person or online workshops, or message me for a one-on-one tarot course!
  • Cleaning and clearing your home definitely helps rid you of the mind fog, because it is a meditative practice. When your space is physically and spiritually cleansed, you will feel like your mind is much more in order. Once you’re done physically cleaning (picture clean dishes and fresh, folded laundry), you can clear your space by burning incense, sage, or palo santo, and diffusing essential oils.
  • Cooking, especially baking, is another one of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself and feel more like myself again. I like to infuse the food I make with an intention as I chop, mix, stir, and, as the dish comes together, see it as my intention manifesting itself.
  • Crafting if you’re into it is also a mindful practice that helps you replenish yourself. My go-to crafts are crochet (sooooo soothing and easy once you get the hang of it) and watercolours (I made the painting above a few months ago, when I was feeling very stressed and my manifestation powers were definitely down). But you can also make jewelry, soaps, candles, anything that inspires you when you go to the crafts store, honestly.
  • Walking is an amazing way to clear blocks, get some activity (and Fitbit steps in), and connect with the earth that supports you. I used to walk alone every day with my favorite music in my ears, but now have the sweetest furry friend (#ManifestationWins!) who is always very excited to come with me!
  • Bathing or showering if you don’t have a bathtub (or don’t feel like cleaning yours after your cats play in it and cover it with fur – true story BTW!) cleanses you spiritually, and is a great stress reliever. When I’m under the shower, I picture the water as a purifying light that sheds off all what’s impairing my powers and takes it down the drain.
  • Spending time with animals is one of the best things you could do for yourself, because animals are nothing other than furry balls of unconditional love. I definitely believe they are natural reiki healers, and can replenish your powers just by being around you. If you can’t welcome a pet into your own home, consider volunteering at an animal shelter (this was how I adopted my baby girl Julia!).
  • Energy healing, lastly, is something I strongly recommend, especially if you don’t feel like anything else is working. My yoga instructor is, in my totally unbiased, non-fangirling opinion, the best energy healer in the world, and she has healed physical ailments, emotional wounds, and helped me truly connect with my personal power (it’s all about the solar plexus chakra, babies!). While I advise you be very careful while selecting who you will entrust with your energy (I know people who have faked their Reiki certifications!), when you find a healer you trust, it will truly change your life for the best. They will identify your blocks and help you clear them, and replenish yourself so that your power batteries are full again.

I hope these tips will help you replenish yourself and reconnect with your magical powers so you can go forth and manifest amazing things for yourself, your loved ones and the world! Let me know in the comments what are your favorite ways to refill your spiritual batteries!

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