Inner Empress Guidance

Inner Empress Guidance© is a new, one-of-a-kind method that combines meditation, coaching, tarot, and crystal healing, to help you meet and connect with your Inner Empress, and receive guidance from her on how to reach your goals and create your best life!

What is my Inner Empress? 

Your Inner Empress is a spiritual being that is made of your very own essence. She lives within you, and always has, even if you never turned inward to “meet” her. She is your direct connection with the Divine energy that we all come from (which you may refer to as God, the Universe, Spirit, etc.). 

Your Inner Empress is also the happiest, wealthiest, healthiest, most peaceful, powerful, and fulfilled version of you. She is the energetic frequency of you having everything you’ve ever wanted, and living a life where you’re happy and fulfilled. She exists within you, somewhere outside of space and time, and is always available to guide you and show you how to create your best life. 

By “meeting” your Inner Empress through meditation, and learning how to channel her and receive guidance from her, you will become able to tap into her powerful energy, and use this energy to shift from adversity to abundance and create the life that you want. 

What is the difference between Inner Empress Guidance and Spiritual Life Coaching?

While Inner Empress Guidance and Spiritual Life Coaching are both one-on-one services that share some things in common, Inner Empress Guidance is different from coaching in several ways. 

– Inner Empress Guidance takes place during a single session (although you can always book another session), while spiritual life coaching takes place over several months. 

– In spiritual life coaching, we establish a custom strategy based on your needs, desires, and learning style, which may include meditation, tarot, and other tools and practices, but not always. An Inner Empress Guidance session follows a pre-established program that is the same for everyone!

– Inner Empress Guidance is, essentially, a more condensed version of spiritual life coaching that uses different tools and practices, and gives you a strategy to follow on your own, without the long-term accountability and weekly follow-ups that you get with coaching. 

What happens during an Inner Empress Guidance session? What should I expect from it? 

We begin the Inner Empress Guidance session by going over the information you shared in your pre-consultation form (that includes your goals and any difficulties you may be facing at the time being), then we follow with a ten-minute guided meditation during which we channel your Inner Empress. Then, still tapping into this energy, I perform a tarot reading for you, and use the information obtained to coach you and give you clear, concrete guidance on how to reach your goals. At the end of the session, we perform a small closing ritual and meditation to release energy that doesn’t serve you. 

What kind of support and follow-up will I get before and/or after the session? 

Before an Inner Empress Guidance session, you will be asked to fill out a pre-consultation form with various questions that give me an idea of what your needs and goals are, and what kind of struggles you may be facing. 

After the session, you will receive a custom-created PDF with a summary of your tarot reading, a checklist of small, attainable tasks that will help you become closer to reaching your goals, as well as useful links, and other words of advice and encouragement. Think of this as the advice and guidance from your tarot reading, summarized for you and turned into a practical document that you can use at any time! 

Finally, I will select between 1-3 crystals specifically for you, with properties that help you with your needs and goals. I will purify them with Palo Santo, empower them with divine female energy and the energy of the goals you seek to reach, and send them to you in the mail within 1-2 weeks from our session!

How do I figure out whether I should get Inner Empress Guidance or Spiritual Life Coaching? 

It depends on several things: 

– Whether you want a one-time consultation or several that take place over the course of a few months. 

– Whether you are okay with following a pre-established program during the session, or you want a custom strategy created for you.

– Whether you are able and/or willing to invest more upfront (spiritual life coaching is a higher-priced service than Inner Empress Guidance). 

It is completely possible that you start with an Inner Empress Guidance session, and decide to sign up for coaching afterward! 

How much does a single session cost? 

Regular pricing: $151.11 (includes crystals)

Launch special: $88.88 (for a limited time only!)

(Please note: crystals are not included in the launch special pricing, and will be available as an optional add-on for $33.33. Standard shipping is always included!)

How do I book my session? 

Click on the option you want to purchase your session: 

Crystals included ($122.22)No crystals ($88.88)

You will be contacted within 24 hours to set up your appointment (on the email address linked to your PayPal account). 

We will then send you your pre-consultation form (please fill it as soon as possible so we have ample time to prepare for you!).

(Please note: The Empress Within does not issue refunds (as per our policies). We kindly ask that you only reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours prior. In case of no-shows or non-emergency cancellations occurring 48 hours or less before your appointment, we will be unable to reschedule your session or issue store credit towards a future service. Exceptions will only be made at our discretion in case of emergency. If you are experiencing an emergency and need to reschedule your session, please contact us as soon as possible.)

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