Number: 20.
Astrological correspondence: Pluto.
Keywords: Reaping what you sowed, karmic reward (or punishment).
Judgment beyond tarot: God.

An angel looks down on grayish figures who seem to emerge from crypts or graves, blowing his trumpet down at them. The figures (men, women, and children) are nude and their arms are extended towards the skies in gratitude. Snowy mountains are visible in the background. 

Judgment, the twentieth and penultimate card of the Major Arcana, comes after the Sun and before the World. It bridges the two with a reminder that there is something much bigger than our own journey and our own victories. 

Because Judgment, ultimately, represents divinity, something bigger and more powerful than us. Judgment is about reaping what you sowed, so when you see it appear in your deck, know that your prayers will be answered soon, if you do the work to get here. And Judgment is also about karma. So if someone is hurting you, rest assured that they will get what they deserve — just don’t try to take things in your own hands. Remember Justice! Even when things are hard, remember that you are protected by God, your ancestors, and your spirit guides. When worst come to worst, connect with this universal energy of love through meditation or prayer, and know everything happens in your favor.