My Soul Energy Map with Cindy

My Soul Energy Map with Cindy

A couple of weeks ago, Cindy Griffith, a psychic I got to know through my yoga studio, wrote to me that I had won a Soul Energy Map reading. I had entered her contest by sharing one of her live videos on Facebook, in which she read tarot cards with her adorable bird flying around.

I somewhat had an idea of what a Soul Energy Map was since I would often see Cindy’s posts and live videos, so I was pretty curious to get my reading.

A few days later, I received an email from Cindy containing the map (which you can see here!) and a recording of her reading while she was creating in the map.

I hadn’t met Cindy in person; we had briefly talked about tarot on Facebook but she said at the beginning of the recording that she hadn’t been through my profile and posts because she didn’t want it to influence her reading. Thinking back, I was amazed because what she said was overall very pertinent!

Cindy started by talking about my past lives: she said that I had lived in Atlantis, where I engaged in sacred rituals, and then later in Ancient Rome, with, again, the notion of mysticism. She then said I had lived in Romania, where she sensed a connection to a Moon goddess and the sacred feminine. I do believe in past lives and I have a rather pronounced interest in ancient spirituality and, well, folk magic, so this really resonated with me.

She also mentioned healing work, which also made sense because I’ve been getting a lot of Reiki with my yoga teacher (you’ll hear all about her soon, she’s absolutely fabulous!). I have been giving it a lot of thought, and hope that in time I’ll expand my own healing abilities to the point where I can help others.

Cindy also went over my chakras (yes, I believe in chakras now that I’m into yoga – it was only a matter of time until I did!), and finished by mentioning that I am a star child – woohoo!

Finally, Cindy said that I found both healing and power from the water, something that is absolutely true given that I’m a Pisces and have always had a very strong connection to water. I often seek refuge by the ocean when I’m feeling overwhelmed or upset, but also when something wonderful happens that I need to process. I feel that the salt brings some much-needed purification while the waves, with their endless movement, fill me with good, powerful energy.

I’ll definitely be booking another reading with Cindy soon; in her own words, she said she does “everything except talking to the dead”. Her readings can be done both in person and on the phone, and she uses different methods (tarot, numerology, etc), personalizing your session based on the questions you have.

To learn more, visit Cindy’s website, it has a lot of information and resources!

Photo credit: Yeshi Kangrang