My tarot story

The friend who initiated me to tarot many years ago was a high school science teacher and a staunch atheist. I was surprised that he read tarot because he wasn’t the kind to believe in anything that hadn’t been scientifically proven, so he and fortune telling were like matter and anti-matter (to use one of his nerdy physics jokes). He explained to me that he didn’t believe it told the future, but rather gave him a way to look at a situation differently, according to his interpretation of the cards.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

As a spiritual person myself, I use tarot as a tool of introspection and a way to examine a situation from different angles. I believe that your future is entirely in YOUR hands, but tarot shows you the opportunities that are coming your way and gives you ways to deal with any potential hardships.

I was drawn to reading tarot professionally in March 2016. I stopped a few months later for different reasons: among others, I had started a new job and had to be careful about the image I projected, my schedule had become hectic, and I was becoming energetically drained.

So I took the pressure off myself and reverted to using tarot for myself and people close to me, including my staunch atheist friend – when you feel too attached to a situation and may lack objectivity in your reading, it’s best to have someone else do it for you!

I missed being able to help people find clarity and solutions, but I knew that it was not a real goodbye and that once I’d feel ready, I’d offer my professional tarot services again.

On the 2018 Winter Solstice (coupled with a beautiful full moon and meteor shower), I sensed that the time had finally come. I had learned a lot in the past year and finally uncovered several tools (such as yoga! #squee!) that allowed me to make important strides in my spiritual path.

I am now ready to help you find answers to your questions and guide you by using my cards! Click here to read more about the way I conduct readings, and read testimonials from previous clients and friends. And lastly, make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram and once you’re ready, click here to book a reading with me