Empress Chronicles, Part 10: Nearing the Solstice

Empress Chronicles, Part 10: Nearing the Solstice

My darlings,

I have some trouble processing the fact that we are already in late November 2020! This year has felt like a complete whirlwind to me. Which was all for the best, given that it was… You know, #2020.

Personally, I consider myself quite lucky. My relationship survived and thrived through a global pandemic, I have not caught the virus, my loved ones are all okay, and I didn’t take a very bad financial hit. And while the weeks before (and few days after) the U.S. election were very anxiety-inducing to me, I cannot describe the sense of redemption, relief and joy I felt once it was finally called.

As we come nearer and nearer to the Winter Solstice, I am, on one hand, slowing down and contemplating what intention I would like to set for the next year, after having learned from 2020 that nothing can be truly guaranteed. It goes without saying that this year has led me to mourn for small and big aspects of a life I was manifesting for myself, but that I now know will never be the same as I had pictured them B.C. (that’s Before Covid). But I also look at how lucky I’ve been to be spared from the worst consequences of this pandemic, compared to those who lost everything, including their homes, their jobs, their loved ones, or their own lives.

On the other hand, I am busy brainstorming and planning more features and content for The Empress Within. As I transitioned into running this business full-time, I learned to take it more seriously, believe in myself, and look at the bigger picture, defining what I want to accomplish to create life-changing positive impact on other people’s lives. If anything, this year has taught me to look at obstacles and crises as opportunities (for instance, I was able to afford my spiritual life coaching certification more easily because the organization that offered it discounted all their courses to encourage people to stay home).

In the next few months, I plan to publish at least one more book (this will take longer than I had planned, because I’m switching to a different platform). I will expand the VIP Membership and offer more group coaching.

Lastly, I am getting ready to launch something that I believe will truly transform women’s lives for the best. I will announce this soon, so make sure you follow me on social media and are subscribed to my newsletter!

Before I sign off (my dog wants to go for a walk!), I hope you’ll join me for my December 21st Winter Solstice intention-setting workshop and ritual! I really look forward to this event, and know it will be lots of fun!

Much love,


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