One Card A Day: A Journey Through The Major Arcana

One Card A Day: A Journey Through The Major Arcana

I’m excited to announce that The Empress Within‘s first-ever online course is back, under a different name that reflects better its content and purpose.

This online course takes place from the 1st to the 22nd of each month. It is based on the approach and methods in my tarot book You Hold The Cards, and aligns with my tarot philosophy: using tarot beyond divination to let your inner wisdom guide you, improve your life, and manifest everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

For twenty-two days, we will take a journey through the Major Arcana, from The Fool to The World, drawing out the introspective wisdom behind each card and learning its meaning, numerological correspondence, astrological association and more.

By the end of the course, you will have learned how to intuitively interpret the cards’ individual energies, and will be able to weave them together into a reading.

The course will take place in a Facebook group reserved for registered participants, and will consist of written material posted each day, with occasional video content. Participants will receive small, daily assignments and will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with other participants.

What you get: 

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group for participants where you can access the course material, interact with other students, participate in discussions, submit your assignments, and share your journey by posting your readings and any thoughts you have even after the course has ended.
  • The possibility to ask me all the questions you have about tarot in general and reading it for yourself and others.
  • A free e-copy of my tarot book, You Hold The Cards.
  • The possibility to review all the content in the Facebook group after the course has ended.

What you need: 

  • A Facebook account to access the group exclusively reserved for participants.
  • A tarot deck.
  • A pen and paper, or anything you can take notes with.

Cost: $22 (or $1 per day!)

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How do I join the Facebook group? 

Once your payment is processed, I will email you the link to the Facebook group so you can request to be added to it. I will use the email address linked to your PayPal account, so make sure to check it within 24 hours of your payment.

How do I pay for this course?

We process all major credit cards through Paypal. If you don’t live in a country where you can make an online payment, message me to arrange a Western Union or Moneygram transfer.

What kind of assignments will there be throughout the duration of the course?

The assignments will be short and interactive; generally questions that you can answer in a couple of sentences in the comments underneath.

What if I miss a daily post or an assignment? 

No problem, you can still read the post(s) with the assignment(s) you missed. Comment underneath, and I’ll read it and respond to you.

What kind of tarot deck should I use?

I recommend the Rider-Waite deck to begin with, as I’ll be using it to teach this course, but I’ll touch on the Marseille deck as well and occasionally show you cards from more creative decks. I will be posting pictures of the cards we’ll be studying, so you can technically wait before you buy a deck.

Will I have access to the Facebook group after the course has ended?

Yes, the Facebook group will remain up after January 31st, and you’ll have the ability to view all the material and posts at any time. You’re also encouraged to continue sharing your tarot journey in the group after the course has ended by posting your readings and any thoughts or observations that may come to your mind. I will be checking the group periodically and responding to new comments.

What if I want to dive deeper into my tarot practice? Will you offer something other than beginner courses?

I am considering more advanced courses and will definitely launch one if there’s enough interest after this course is over.

Can I invite anyone to the Facebook group or share the course material?

No. The Facebook group is reserved to registered participants only, and all material is copyrighted and cannot be distributed or shared in any way with anyone outside the group. Anyone who wishes to access the course even after it has ended needs to register.

When will I receive my copy of “You Hold The Cards”?

Within 24 hours after you sign up for the course. You can receive it in PDF and EPUB format (compatible with Kindle app and e-readers).

What if I have any more questions?

You can message The Empress Within on Facebook or Instagram.