Our very first workshop!

When I first came up with the idea that is now The Empress Within, I allowed myself to dream about all the things I wanted to do. Publish a best-selling book with Hay House, give Ted talks, travel all over the world and inspire countless people to use adversity in their advantage, to build their empires with the stones thrown at them.

And, before all that happened, one of my goals was to teach a tarot workshop.

This summer, knowing I was returning to Virginia Beach, I decided to launch one. After all, I had created and taught plenty of workshops when I was a French language teacher. It had been a while, but I knew it would all come back naturally, and especially with tarot, which is something that I feel very much capable of teaching!

So I took the plunge and launched the workshop, and, guess what? People began to sign up. Not just people I knew, but some that I didn’t know at all. Just as some had done in the past, signing up for my literature and opera workshops, people were trusting me to help them gain knowledge of tarot. It was humbling, and slightly terrifying. I won’t lie, the day before, I was up all night, freaking out and thinking, “What the hell am I doing? What if I’m not ready to do such a thing? What if everyone hates the workshop? What if people walk out?”

Obviously, I was being dramatic, because #GirlGottaBeAPisces. Obviously, none of that did happen.

What did happen was that a group of seven fun ladies (and one adorable two-year-old munchkin) came over, and we had countless cups of Tea Queens┬átea (okay, I drank Red Bull (I know, I know, #BadHippie) because my sleep had been terrible and tea just wasn’t gonna cut it!), and we laughed (a lot!) and had very interesting exchanges as we looked at different decks and passed around cards and learned about their meaning and significance.

And while I did have a lesson plan mapped out for the workshop, I deviated from it at one point because I realized it would be better to do things differently. And I don’t regret that – sometimes you just need to improvise and make last-minute decisions when the class or workshop is happening. I’m glad that my experience as a teacher has allowed me to work on that skill. I’d almost forgotten about it, but it did come up pretty fast!

One thing I realized was that when I asked people to jot down the impressions that they felt when they looked at the cards and the meanings that came to them, even the people who had no prior knowledge of tarot said things that were very close to the traditional meaning of the cards.

That made me realize that the knowledge of tarot is universal and inherently part of us, no matter our ages, backgrounds, and culture. It is an expression of our intuition. And as a tarot reader and advisor, what I do is show people how to let their hidden knowledge of tarot out, so they make a regular practice of it and sharpen their skills as time passes.

I finished the workshop by giving one attendant a reading in front of all the others, who were encouraged to cut in and ask questions about what I was doing. I showed everyone how to weave together the symbolism of each card to come up with coherent answers to the attendant’s question. I had planned to have attendants give one another readings, but it made more sense that I made a demo instead for everyone, showing them how to use everything they had learned earlier.

In al, at the end of the day, I was just thrilled that everything had gone so well, and that people were happy when they left. It may not sound like much for seasoned business owners, but when you’re still at your first milestones, it’s exhilarating.

The week before, many people had told me they wanted to come but couldn’t, so I decided to have another workshop on Saturday November 23rd, 2019, from 1-6PM. Visit this page for more details and to register – the early-bird period is now open and ends on October 31st at midnight!

I am also preparing a live tarot webinar that you can attend from anywhere around the world – I’m putting finishing touches on it before launching it, but you will be able to sign up very soon!

There’s another tarot-related project that I’ve just started working on, and I cannot wait to tell you more about it!

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