Getting a PDF three-card reading is a great budget-friendly way to treat yourself. It also allows you to see what my style as a tarot professional is about, before committing to a full-length consultation. You may ask a specific question, or just for general guidance.

Each PDF three-card reading costs $11.11, is generally  3-5 pages long, sometimes more. I write as if I was speaking to you, and don’t go over it again to edit it. Once you’ve purchased your reading, you will receive, within 3-7 days, a PDF document emailed to you with a photo of your cards and a custom analysis, written by me, of how the cards come together to answer your questionings. 

You will receive your reading on the email addressed used to process your payment via Paypal. So click below to book your reading! I look forward to answering your questions with the help of my cards!