Psychic attacks and how to protect yourself from them

Psychic attacks and how to protect yourself from them

I was driving back home on a sunny afternoon, sipping on my Starbucks iced passion tea and thinking joyfully of the summer days. The metal Hamsa keychain that I had purchased in Lebanon less than a year before was swinging to the motion of my car from the rearview mirror. 

Then I began hearing her voice. It wasn’t as if I was remembering her words. It was as if she was seated in front of me, her voice resounding in my ears. She was cursing me, her words filled with vitriolic hatred, angry that I defied her, saying she prayed for me to die, that she wished my car would be crushed and me with it, splitting me in half, and that she couldn’t wait to dance on my grave. 

And in the corner of my eye, I saw a huge truck drive erratically down the highway exit and towards me. The light ahead of me was green, I had the right of way, yet that truck was cutting in, and I had no time or space to avoid it. It was going to crush my small car and kill me…

I must have swerved like I never had before. I don’t remember what happened, but by some miracle, seconds later, I was alive, unscathed, driving away with the truck behind me and other cars blowing their horn. 

I pulled over in a residential street, shaking. Then I noticed it.

The metal Hamsa that hung from my rearview mirror now lay on the dashboard, broken in half. Something told me that it had deflected the curse directed towards me. 

This is a true incident that happened to me in May 2015. I was attacked psychically by a person who resented me my entire life, and who had a knack for causing people harm in whatever way she could. 

Today I want to talk to you about psychic attacks. I mentioned this a few months ago in my protection spell post, and planned on talking more about it in detail. This topic may not be all “namasté, rainbows, and positive energy”, but I know for a fact psychic attacks are real and we should be aware of them. I also think we CAN protect ourselves from them and prevent them from happening (tip number 10 is one of the most important and effective ways to do so!), so so you can return to your journey of manifesting you best life. 

What are psychic attacks? 

First and foremost, let’s talk about what psychic attacks consist of. Essentially, a psychic attack is when someone, generally with some spiritual knowledge and/or powers, uses their intention to cause harm that is targeted at you. 

This person has ill feelings towards you, and uses curses, the evil eye, or the energy of plain old jealousy or anger to direct harm towards you. 

In order for the attack to be effective, there needs to be a connection, past or present, between the attacker and you, that has been opened but not properly closed. The connection can be emotional (such as trust, affection, or love), but most importantly, it also has to be spiritual. 

For instance, this person can be:

  • An ex with whom you did magic, tarot, meditation, or other spiritual practices. 
  • Someone who you prayed or did a ritual for.
  • Someone who you shared your spiritual energy with. 
  • Someone you have a family connection or blood tie with.
  • Someone who you gave, or who gave you Reiki, energy healing, or anything of the sort (a note on that: true healers don’t harm others, so whatever you think you received wasn’t Reiki, but you were still open energetically to the person’s presence. 
  • Someone who you consider has taught you something and who you credit with helping you evolve spiritually.  

When you have had a falling out with the person (or are still talking and sense something is off about them), but haven’t properly closed the connection, you are at your most vulnerable for psychic attacks. There are many ways to close the connection, including severance and “letting go” rituals, as well as binding spells. Because there’s too much to go into, I will talk about these in more detail in a future post. 

What do psychic attacks look like?

When I first heard the term “psychic attack”, I couldn’t help but picture a Professor Trelawney-like figure repeatedly hitting someone over the head with a crystal ball. But while this image may make you chuckle, this isn’t a psychic attack. Psychic attacks are way more discreet, and we tend to attribute them to other things, such as regular health issues, coincidences, life in general, etc. This is the attacker’s advantage – when you begin feelings the symptoms of their psychic attack, you will most likely not suspect them, but try to find the most “rational” explanation instead. 

Remember, however, that you shouldn’t impulsively label something as a psychic attack (especially if you don’t have anyone in your life who you are certain is attacking you – the idea isn’t to become paranoid). Make sure you rule out any health issues or other things that may be causing you symptoms. 

With that in mind, here are ten common symptoms of psychic attacks:

  1. Sudden, unexpected failures:
    When things that were almost guaranteed to succeed stop working out or fail all of the sudden, especially if they’re things that you worked hard to manifest, that brought you joy, or that caused others to feel jealous.
  2. Bad things happening to you repeatedly:
    Losing your job. Your partner cheating or leaving you. Your home flooding. Your car breaking down, or getting into an accident. Your pet running away. Some of these things are part of life and inevitable. But when they begin happening all at once, especially if prior to that you considered yourself to be at your happiest, you might be the target of a psychic attack.
  3. Moments of sadness and depression:
    Let me begin by saying that if you feel depressed or have thoughts about harming yourself*, you should talk to a mental health professional no matter what, and no matter the causes behind your symptoms. The depression caused by psychic attacks is generally different from typical depression: instead of feeling down for long periods of time, you have bouts of unexplained sadness, fatigue, crying, anxiety, and fear, even if everything is going really well in your life. And during those moments, your thoughts keep going back to the person who is attacking you. You may even feel anger, hatred or resentment directed towards you.
  4. Health problems:
    You may be experiencing psychic attacks when you’re having health issues and your doctor (which you should always talk to when experiencing any kind of symptoms) has ruled out any possible cause. For instance, you may be having the flu in the middle of summer, despite being cautious about avoiding people who are sick. Or you might have acne even if you lead a healthy lifestyle and watch what you eat.
  5. Injuries and pains that you have no cause for:
    This is an effective, easy way for psychic attackers to cause you harm. You may experience muscular pains all of the sudden, like cramps, even if you know you haven’t really strained yourself with exercise lately. Or you might find bruises on your body and not remember where they came from (make sure you rule out, with your doctor, any possible auto-immune disease). You might even find a lot of scratches, but not remember your cat scratching you (or you may not even have a cat).
  6. Allergic reactions, nosebleeds, etc:
    Allergic reactions and nosebleeds may have simple causes (hello, pollen in the spring and dry air in the winter). But when you’re experiencing symptoms all of the sudden, without any exposure to anything that may cause the reaction, you might want to ask yourself if your body is trying to warn you of a psychic attack.
  7. Feeling a bad taste in your mouth:
    You might taste something metallic, like blood, or something rotting, or the taste of a food you hate (for me, it’s garlic, though I’m trying, slowly, to learn to enjoy it). When you know it’s not morning breath, something you ate, or dental problems, and especially if the nasty taste only lingers for a short time, you might be under attack by someone who is, at this specific time, directing hatred and bad intentions towards you.
  8. Frequent nightmares:
    I’m not talking of normal nightmares, or those due to anxiety or PTSD, but nightmares of bad things happening. For instance, you getting into an accident, losing your job, or something bad happening to your partner. Things that you know the person who is psychically attacking you wants to destroy because they are jealous and resentful of you.
  9. Flash images of your own death:
    People who use their spiritual skills or ability to hurt others have no conscience. Some psychic attackers are able to concentrate enough hatred to cause the death of other people. I know of this to be true (though I’ll share the story in an upcoming blog post or potentially my next book). When you’re receiving flash images of your own death, you may be tuning into the other person, who’s visualizing your demise. This doesn’t mean it’s going to happen – especially not if you protect yourself well enough, as we’ll see in a bit.
  10. Hearing someone cursing you:
    Yes, I know, at first sight, the idea of hearing voices in your head might make you question the state of your mental health. But “hearing” someone curse you is more like feeling them, all at once. You’re feeling the energy of their curse, that they’re channeling towards you. That’s because your body and your consciousness are working like radars – detecting and warning you of the threat before it happens. Trust your instinct first and foremost – you will know what I’m talking about if it happens.  

How to protect yourself:

So I know the above sounded a bit gloomy, but the good news is (yes, there are good news!) that you are able to protect yourself from psychic attacks to minimize their effects on you. The main idea of protecting yourself is surrounding yourself with so much good, happy, beautiful protective energy and vibes that the bad intentions can’t reach you. The forces of good always triumph over evil, so the more you fill yourself up with good, the less your psychic attacker will be able to hurt you. 

Here are ten methods that you can use to protect yourself from psychic attacks:

  1. Saying a prayer or mantra for protection:
    I have said it many times, but the power of prayer can be underrated amongst the “more spiritual than religious” crowd. Prayer is an extremely powerful spiritual practice that not only brings you back to a place of peaceful mindfulness, but infuses every fibre of your being with your intention. You can use a specific prayer from the tradition you were raised into or practice, or you can just say something simple, such as “Spirit, please protect me against all harm” (allow the words to come to you!). The important thing is sitting down in stillness with yourself and visualizing protection all around you, like a large bubble of light that keeps growing with your intention.
  2. Cleansing yourself and your space:
    Sometimes, you might carry your attacker’s residual energy. You don’t necessarily need to have been in their presence for that to happen – sometimes you can see a post or picture of them on social media, or just spend a large amount of time thinking of them. This leaves you more vulnerable to attacks. So purify yourself and your space by burning altar incense or ethically-sourced sage. You can also use sound to cleanse (chanting a mantra or using singing bowls), or visualize white, purifying light around you and your surroundings.
  3. Anointing yourself with protection oil:
    Hoodoo and other magical oils consist of herbs and occasionally minerals infused in vegetable oil. Each blend has different properties depending on its ingredients. With a protection oil, you can anoint yourself (dab some oil on yourself with your finger – you can draw a symbol of your choice), your home, your vehicle, or anything that you feel might be targeted. By doing so, you mark yourself with protection that is hard for evil to breach. You might have to remember to reapply the oil regularly, as its effect can wear off with time. You can easily find a protection oil at your metaphysical shop or online – I carry this oil on myself at all times and use it regularly. 
  4. Wearing a talisman:
    A talisman is an object that has been empowered with an intention, here, providing you with protection. Among well-known protection talismans are the upright pentacle, (which some people mistakenly associate with evil – it is a powerful protection symbol!), the Nazar (the painted Middle-Eastern blue symbol that protects from the Evil Eye), and the Hamsa, also known as Hand of Fatima or Hand of Myriam. But you don’t have to go get yourself one of these – pick any item that means something to you, and infuse it with the intention of protection and safety from harm**. Talismans may break or become damage after they have deflected a curse directed towards you.
  5. Getting spiritual guidance from someone you trust:
    While I’ll always recommend you talk to a mental health professional, I also think it’s important you find another person to confide to whose spiritual beliefs align with yours. Often, well-intended but skeptical people can sometimes fail to understand the problem and lead us to minimize or ignore it. Psychic attackers count on your loneliness while they cause you harm, thinking that no one will believe you when you talk about what’s going on. With someone to guide you spiritually, you’ll feel much less alone. They can pray for you or alongside you, support you in your bad times, and help you make your way out of the darkness brought on by psychic attacks. Be careful, however, to not to trust just anyone. A lot of people mask themselves as spiritual coaches and guides, but are in it for the influence, money, and power, and don’t really care about you (talking from personal experience – they might even psychically attack you in the future!).
  6. Getting an energy healing:
    Sometimes, you need a trained professional to help you balance your chakras and energy flows, especially after a psychic attack throws them off. Again, as with anyone you’re getting spiritual services from, make sure you can trust them and verify that they are really accredited in Reiki or whatever energy medicine they practice. It is very easy to print out something that looks like a diploma, so ask them where they got their training from and verify their name is in the institute’s database. The spiritual industry is highly unregulated, and unfortunately, a lot of dishonest people infiltrate it and mask as true healers. So make sure to take your time before trusting someone to do any sort of energy work on you, and check their credentials and reviews from other clients.***
  7. Ridding yourself of your attacker’s belongings:
    Sometimes, the lingering energy from your attacker’s belongings can allow them to open a portal through which they send their negative energy. The closer their items are to you (for instance, clothes or jewelry), the more easily they can attack you. So the best course of action is to get rid of any gifts or other items the attacker has given you. Be careful to remember where your items originate from: I once had a nightgown given to me by an ex who practiced black magic and attacked me psychically – I realized I was wearing it every night without even thinking about it! If it’s an expensive item, sell it (money doesn’t always carry the attacker’s energy – if you sense it does, donate the proceeds instead. You can also try this trick where you deposit the money from the sale into your bank account, then go to a different ATM and withdraw fresh bills – the energy of your attacker is now transferred away from you, without you sustaining important loss. It cannot affect other people because it’s been directed at you initially). Lastly, if you can’t immediately get rid of the item (or at all), purify it with sage, incense, sound, or white light.
  8. Be protective of what you love:
    Psychic attackers are motivated to destroy, with their hatred, whatever makes you happy. So a good way to protect yourself is to not share private information, especially when the outcome isn’t 100% certain just yet (like an early pregnancy, for instance), on social media or anywhere that could remotely go back to that person.
  9. Trust your gut:
    Sometimes you feel like you and somebody else are “clicking”. But psychic attackers have the ability to make themselves look charming, and to make you feel like they relate to everything you said. They may also listen to you patiently and give you validation that they sense you desperately need. When someone seems too good to be true, they generally are. So be very protective about who you let in your inner circle, and who you engage in spiritual practices with (that can leave you open and vulnerable). And trust your gut – even if your relationship with someone sounds amazing, if you feel that something is off about them, trust your instincts and take your distances as peacefully as possible.
  10. Take good care care of yourself, and generate joy:
    As Professor Dumbledore said, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” To fend off a psychic attack, take care of your basic needs and focus on what brings you joy more than anything else. Now more than ever, do all the things that make you happy. Cultivate joy all around you. The more you fill yourself with joy and positive energy, the less vulnerable you are to harm. 

I hope this clarified to you the subject of psychic attacks and answered most of the questions you may have about them. There’s a lot more to be said on the subject, like anything spiritual, but I hope to have covered all the basics. Please don’t forget to take good care of yourself and to seek professional help should you be experiencing physical or mental symptoms. 

If you have any more questions, please reach out to me via email (, Facebook, or Instagram.

Much love, 


*If you have thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please call 1-800-273-8255 or dial 911 if you’re in immediate danger. For a list of international hotlines, click here.
**If you need help with this, contact me to book a session – I can show you how to create a talisman that meets your needs!
*** I strongly recommend my friend and energy healer Jen Fedorowicz. She is the best in her field (in my totally unbiased opinion), and has recently started doing online healing sessions. You can book one here. 

Image by Hans Braxmeier.

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