Rest and reset.

Rest and reset.

Do you ever get to a moment where everything is so overwhelming that you can’t take it anymore?

This week was quite stressful to me, with important deadlines having to be met. Having my period and feeling drained (and quite emotional) all the time didn’t help either.

But many good things happened as well, most of them small, but with enough of an impact that they made my life easier. Going to a community meditation on Monday, getting good feedback from clients, feeling like I was moving quite fast on my work, unexpected payments from a writing platform to which I contribute occasionally, and getting my new contact lenses finally delivered (aka being finally able to keep my eyes open without pain and discomfort!).

I knew I had to re-evaluate a lot of things yesterday, when things got a bit crazy with my girlfriend yesterday (periods + a Mercury retrograde about to be upon us = misunderstandings all over), and when Julia started growling and hissing at our dog for no apparent reason.

I realized, for instance, that I hadn’t been eating very healthy in the past week (lots of deep-fried samosas and other foods (fried onions are sooooo good!) because I finally got over my fear of cooking things in a big pot of boiling hot oil that could potentially give me third-degree burns). So I decided to fast a little longer today, drink green tea to give my digestive system a break, and make a raw veggie salad at some point.

I also remembered that everything is energy, and we are all affected by each others’ energies and vibes. When I’m out of balance, it affect the other beings living in my home, be they human, animals, or even plants. So when I realize things are getting crazy, I try to take a few deep breaths, and connect with the heart chakras of the beings around me. It sounds hippie as f*ck, I know, but it works nonetheless, and even more so with practice. Doing yoga and taking long walks with my dog helps as well!

Like many people who work from home, I catch myself feeling guilty when I do something that isn’t related to my career, because a self-critical voice inside me tells me I could be utilizing this time to create income. Many Lebanese relatives would always tell me to sell whatever I created for pleasure and relaxation, be it baked goods or crochet, so this is probably where my feeling of guilt comes from. But it’s important to create a healthy work-life balance.

On that matter, many of you have noticed that I no longer sell painted wooden items on my website. I decided that in order to take The Empress Within to the next level, I needed to refocus what it’s all about: teaching people to turn adversity into abundance by using tarot and other spiritual practices. My painted trays and jewelry boxes are beautiful and I love creating them, but in the future I will be doing that mainly for myself and as gifts for loved ones.

I hope you all enjoy the beautiful full moon coming this weekend, and if things are getting crazy around you, don’t forget to breathe!

Much love,


Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash.

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