Sample PDF drawing

A few weeks ago, I drew the cards for a friend and sent her my interpretation in writing. She has kindly accepted to let me share it with you (after removing personal details) so you can have an idea of what a written drawing is like.

Click here to view this reading as a PDF document similar to the one you’ll receive if you order a written reading, or continue reading below!

Hi *****,

I’m so thrilled to be doing this tarot drawing for you! Since your question is general (you mostly want to know what’s ahead as you expand your business in 2019), I used my usual elaborate three-card spread. Here are the cards that came out:

I. The Emperor

i. The Chariot
ii. The Magician

II. The Popess
i. Strength
ii. The Star

III. The Lovers

i. The Pope

ii. The Sun.


The Fool
The Tower.

Final card:

The Moon.

First group (The Emperor/The Chariot/The Magician):

You have the power to move forward in bringing about your vision. But don’t be frustrated if things don’t go as fast or smoothly as you want, and don’t be under the false illusion that you’re not moving when you are (we see this notion again with the final card, The Moon). The Emperor could be a male business partner, present or future, who will help you move forward, or a woman who plays a powerful role, but be careful not to let the thrill of power get to that person’s head (we’ll get back to that with the three final cards). Alternatively, this could represent yourself, especially if you’re a Sun/male sign. So the reminder here would be to not let the power get to your head, especially when dealing with others, be they collaborators or clients. I was expecting The Empress to appear in this spread, as it represents fertility and abundance, but you find some of that in the Emperor, in a more powerful but also blunter way so to speak.

Second group (The Popess, Strength, The Star):

Your business, in its expansion, will bring wisdom, strength, power and hope to others. The Popess is an interesting card because it can represent you as a business owner and a source of knowledge, information, and healing to others. But it can also represent another woman or more than just one in the wellness community, so look at this community as a way to both teach and learn. The Popess (or High Priestess) can be seen as a metaphor for sacred womanhood, for ancient priestesses and healers who come together to connect with divine female energy.

The Popess tells you to tune into your inner self when facing difficult or stressful situations. You have the answers within you: don’t be rash or impulsive, but tap into the inner wisdom you have. Meditate as much as possible, you’ll need it (go see J. for that! ;)). And tap into the collective power of the wellness community you’re a part of.

Regarding Strength, I’d like to point out that this card is extremely important when dealing with other people (clients, employees, sponsors, suppliers), especially when starting something new during a Mercury retrograde (double-check everything and plan for delays and other glitches!): when people give you a hard time, you need to know when to use brute force (in other words, be firm and insistent to get what you want) or more diplomatic.

What’s very interesting in the two first card groups is that the first is all male cards, and the second is female only. Traditionally, male energy (yang/the sun) is the public aspect of something, the vitality required to make it work, the technical/physical aspects, whereas female energy (yin/the moon) is the more hidden side of it, the behind-the-scenes, the spiritual. You have this male/female dichotomy and it’s quite curious because it’s as if the cards are telling you to find balance between the physical and the spiritual, and not lose that balance. Because indeed, talking of balance…

Third group (The Lovers/The Pope/The Sun):

The Lovers – that’s where we see the male and female energy, the sun and moon, yin/yang come together. You absolutely need that balance for your business to succeed in its new expansion. We see that notion again with The Pope, who represents spiritual knowledge and wisdom (just like The Popess), but also leadership (remember, in this interpretation, male = public, female = hidden). The Sun is a wonderful card to have in any spread: it denotes happiness, fulfillment, accomplishment, and success. And in its current position, all of that is, no pun intended, in the cards for you.

Conclusion (The Fool, Judgment, The Tower):

The Fool represents the new beginning you are undertaking; it shows that your attitude is one of optimism. Judgment is reaping what you sowed, here the fruit of your efforts. The Tower is nothing alarming here, just a small warning to make sure to build very solid foundations and focus on quality rather than quantity in anything you do with your business. Don’t spread yourself too thin, especially when it comes to the image you present and services you offer, because what you do now will never stop affecting your business in the years to come, and you don’t want to burden yourself with a complete redesign or rebranding in a few years if things aren’t working when, if you make sure to put in the work now, they will work for the best!

Finale (The Moon):

The Moon represents doubt and progress at the same time. The doubts that reside in our ego because of our human nature and our tendency to compare ourselves to others, but also the progress that we are unaware of when we’re stuck inside our heads. If you ever ask yourself, “Am I doing well enough? Will everything go the right way?”, the answer is yes: you are on the right path, and even though your face may be figuratively veiled (as represented on the image! In other words, you may feel as if you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing), you’re actually progressing forward, on a moonlit path, in the right direction (and the card that follows The Moon, number 19, is The Sun, so how’s that for a sign!). The Moon itself, aside from being a symbol of fertility and growth, is a reminder to tap into the hidden and sacred female energy it symbolizes, in other words, your intuition.