Scholarship Program

The Empress Within‘s mission is to help women everywhere take their power back. Our core belief is that empowered women create a ripple movement that makes the world a better place.

I also truly understand and acknowledge that my rise from a place of abuse and adversity to a place of abundance and thriving was due, in an important part, to my privilege as a heterosexual-passing woman, a white-passing woman and an American citizen.

To say “if I did it, then you can too” would blatantly ignore the reality that is privilege and the role it plays in our ability to change our lives and recover from any difficulties we may encounter.

My desire is to make a difference in the heteronormative, white-dominated, and tone-deaf self-help, holistic, and spiritual industries, and to have a true impact on the life of underprivileged women and people everywhere, and to continue doing so as my company grows.

As such, I am happy to offer a scholarship program to people from underprivileged backgrounds who cannot afford my products and services. If you would like to apply, please fill out this form.

And if you benefit from any kind of privilege and would like to help someone who has less privilege than you, please consider sponsoring an underprivileged person by filling out this form.

Thank you,

Please note that application does not guarantee admission – we have a limited number of scholarships to award, and while we do not discriminate, we will prioritize BIPOC and LGBT+ applicants.