Have you ever heard of Tea Queens? It is a Seattle-based company founded by a woman, that gives people the opportunity to start a side hustle or even a full-time business sharing their passion for quality loose-leaf tea around them.

Truth to be told, I never thought I’d do direct sales – I always felt very uncomfortable when acquaintances on social media tried (and honestly, kiiiinda pressured me) to get me to pay a large fee so I could sign up under them for various companies.

But last year, I became a little more open to direct sales after I met many wonderful friends who did that ethically (aka, without pressuring and guilting people to sign up!) and genuinely enjoyed it, and was almost about to sign up as a consultant with a make-up company, when I thought, wait, what if there was something better-suited for me? What is it that I’m truly passionate about and that I can sell with complete conviction?

I looked at the cup of loose-leaf tea I had been sipping from, and there was my answer. After a long online research, I decided Tea Queens was the best fit for me. After all, you don’t get penalised or kicked out if you don’t reach a certain number of sales or persons signing under you in a given period, which is the main turn-off about direct sales for me. After they kindly sent me a sampler pack of their loose-leaf teas (delicious!) and extensive information, I was sold! I filled my application, and now, I am a Tea Queen, or a Tea Empress, if you’d like 😉

What I love most about Tea Queens is the quality of their teas – you can smell it and taste it, and it makes tea time a special, privileged moment. I haven’t tested all of their teas yet (it’s happening!) but my favourites so far are the Outlander-inspired Highlands Breakfast, the Creamy Earl Grey, the Orchard Berries, and the Berries and Cream rooibos. There’s also an amazing selection of teaware and accessories!

When you shop on the Tea Queens website, don’t forget to select my name in the consultant dropdown menu at checkout!

And of course, no pressure, but if you’d like to learn more about joining Tea Queens, don’t hesitate to contact me!