Six Powerful Tips to Manifest Your Desires

Six Powerful Tips to Manifest Your Desires

If you know me, you know I’m all about manifestation!

I believe that we are all born with the ability to manifest or create the life that we want.

That’s because (I’m getting metaphysical for a moment) whatever we can picture in our minds already exists on a different plane of existence.

And matter how adverse our circumstances may be, when we align ourselves with the energy of what we want to create, we bring our plane of existence closer and closer to the one on which we are already living that life, until they merge, and we have what we want.

There’s a lot that I can write about manifestation, but today I thought I would share a few practical tips for those of you who are new at it!

1. Know what you want and accept that you deserve to have it. 

This is the most important manifestation tip I have for you.

It is crucial that you know exactly what you want, so that you are able to create it in your mind’s eye.

But it is even more important that you believe, with every fibre of your being, that you deserve it.

If you have any shred of doubt about this, there’s a risk you might subconsciously repeal it.

So more than anything, do whatever work is necessary to believe that you deserve what you want.

2. Trust God/Spirit/The Universe.

I can’t recall the number of times something I wanted to manifest didn’t happen… Because there was something much better in store for me.

Like rekindling a relationship with an ex (hint: it’s aaaaalwaaaays a bad idea!), wanting to live in a specific house or apartment building, or wanting a job that wasn’t for me.

There were even a few times that the Universe granted me something that wasn’t good for me because I needed to learn a lesson from it.

The thing is, sometimes, when something is not meant for you, the big “no” you will receive is the Universe redirecting you towards something better.

You might be like me and have to learn the hard way, but you can also just trust and be willing to be pushed where you are truly meant to be!

3. Don’t obsess over it.

Yes, in the context of manifestation, it is very important to surround yourself with reminders of your goal and plan for it, think of ways to put it into practice.

But obsessing over it is when the thought causes you anxiety and fear, instead of making you feel excited and happy. It’s important that you don’t shroud your manifestation goal with negative emotions, and that you gently redirect your feelings towards excitement, hope, confidence, and joy.

But if you are really unable to, and the negative feelings are overwhelming, perhaps you should ask yourself whether this is the Universe redirecting you towards something better.

In that case, breathe, tune in, ask for a sign, and receive it.

4. Declutter and cleanse to make room for it.

Many times when I was manifesting something new, decluttering and cleansing was what helped me propel myself towards my goal. I once was able to manifest an apartment in less than two months after failing for almost two years by decluttering my belongings and packing a lot of things, so I would be ready to move in as soon as I found the perfect place.

The same applies to manifesting anything, especially money. Even today, when I feel stuck creatively or in my business, I take the day off from work and clean my space.

It is so crucial that you declutter your wardrobe, your beauty cabinet, your fridge and pantry, your desk drawers, your computer folders, your phone (including your contact list), your social circle and relationships, and even your car (it is a reflection of how you carry yourself through life!).

Once you clear all that physical, emotional and energetic clutter, you are ready to flow and truly attract what you want.

If I were to list the number of times clearing my space gave me the results I wanted almost instantly, it would make this post extremely long (so I’ll write another one on this specific subject), but just take my work for it, kids: it works

5. Take concrete steps toward what you want.

When you’re looking to manifest something, be it a specific goal or an entire lifestyle, one thing you can do right now is take concrete steps to mirror the life you will have once you achieve your goal.

It doesn’t have to be something huge or costly.

A few years ago, I was broke and lived in a toxic, abusive household. I wanted to manifest a complete lifestyle change where I lived in a happy home and made a living from what I love. I visualized what my life would look like then, down to the smallest thing, such as making my bed as soon as I got up.

So I started making my bed in the morning, and this created a ripple effect that led me to where I am now: living the amazing life I wanted all those years ago.

This step is easy but powerful – all you have to do is to identify something from the life you want that is accessible to you, and that will help you propel yourself forward and lead you to where you want to be!

6. Channel the energy of past victories and infuse your current goal with it. 

As I said above, we all are powerful manifestors, and we were all born with this ability.

In fact, when you think of it, you’ll recall countless times, since your childhood, where you were able to get what you wanted (a Christmas present, a sleepover on a school night, going to prom with your crush, getting the exact first car you wanted, being admitted into your dream university).

Guess what? You were manifesting all along, even if you didn’t even know it was a thing. And the great part is that you can tap into those past manifestation wins to channel the energy of victory and infuse your current goal with it!

You can do that even if you no longer have those past victories or have changed your mind about them (it’s okay if you’re no longer crushing on the person you went to prom with or don’t even know where they are, or if you dropped out of your dream school and are in a completely different career path, *raises hand*).

All you need to do is to focus on the feeling you had in the moment, when you got what you wanted. Make a list of all the wins and victories, small or big, that you can think of in your entire life, and go through them one by one, focusing on the feeling of “squeee, I did it!”. This energy adds up, and fills your spiritual batteries up, putting you in the optimal position to manifest what you want, precisely by infusing it with the energy of victory you’ve channeled! (Check out this post to learn more about channeling energy and infusing stuff with it.)

And voilà! I hope these six tips will help you manifest like the queen you are and create the life you want in no time! Please don’t hesitate to share your manifestation wins in the comments below!


PS: If you would like to go deeper into your manifestation practice and learn more ways to bring about your desires, check out my Keys to Manifestation digital course!

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