“So you don’t do psychic readings?” – Why I don’t use tarot to tell the future.

“So you don’t do psychic readings?” – Why I don’t use tarot to tell the future.

Most people think of tarot as a tool used by psychics to tell people what the future holds for them. Historically, in fact, tarot, which started out as a card game*, became famous for being used for fortune-telling.

But, as a tarot professional, my approach is completely different.

I don’t label myself as psychic, having been personally scammed by several people who did. (I did fall, when I was eighteen, for the good old “you have a curse placed on you and I need $5000 dollars to remove it”. Thankfully, I didn’t pay that woman more than $150 before I came to my senses.)

And I don’t use tarot to tell people their future.

Stating this outright has caused me to lose a few potential clients. I am certain this will happen again throughout my career. But my upfront approach allows me to feel at ease, knowing that my all my clients’ expectations about tarot align perfectly with what I can give them. And I would rather lose potential clients than compromise my business integrity by misleading people into thinking I will give them psychic information.

I’m not saying this to trash psychics or take business away from them. I’m not saying either that all psychics are scammers, even if, like any unregulated industry, spiritual and holistic wellness has been taken invaded by dishonest people who look to make money by any means.

In fact, some psychics I know have very strong work ethics, and am more than happy to refer them to clients who need services that I don’t provide**. I also visited celebrity psychics, who published books, regularly appeared on TV, and charged a small fortune for their consultations. Somehow, this made me believe that what they said would happen. Often, they told me what I wanted to hear. Many things did come true, and others didn’t. Some things happened, and then were undone. Certain things came to be in a very strange, unexpected way. And some things were just about to happen, then something else came in the way and prevented them from happening.

The truth is, the future changes every day with every decision we make in the present, even small ones that we think will have no impact. We are all born with intuitive or “psychic” abilities that often manifest themselves as deep knowledge of things before they happen. For instance, as a child growing up in Lebanon, I always know I would leave my school right after the eighth grade and move to the U.S., and this is exactly what happened. And there were times when I said goodbye to someone, and you knew this is the last time I would see them (I was only wrong three or four times). It takes a lot of skill, time, practice, and spiritual self-mastery to be able to use them on demand, professionally, for people we’ve never met or had an emotional connection with.

My initial approach to tarot, when I began learning to use it to myself, was to read into it what I wanted to see. I saw love, success, great health, travel and riches for myself, and waited for all that to come to me by specific and unrealistic timelines. And when it wouldn’t happen, I would lose faith in tarot a little bit more.

Then I learned that tarot isn’t about telling the future, but uncovering and opportunities by looking at our lives from a different angle, according to the themes that come up during readings. Cards open our eyes to ideas and notions that we didn’t notice before. Rather than tell us one way things can happen in the future, they help us explore various possibilities to answer our questionings. By doing so, we manifest the love, success, great health, travel and riches we want to bring into our lives.

And, if anything, tarot helps us know ourselves better, by allowing us to connect with our higher selves, and with the divine energy of love that created us.

By using tarot for introspection rather than divination, you make it become more compatible with your religious or spiritual views, or lack thereof (remember, the friend who taught me tarot was a staunch atheist and science teacher!).

People often walk away from tarot because of the negative connotation divination has, no thanks to scam artists masquerading as well-meaning holistic professionals. But once you learn to use it the right way, it can become a tool that will open your consciousness to a much bigger spiritual world. And it can allow you to know yourself and create the life you want.

I hope you give this approach a chance. If anything, it will make your tarot practice much more rich, complex, and will truly transform your life. And trust me, you will get a much more accurate information that you can actually use to improve your life***!

Much love,


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**For instance, I can recommend you go to Cindy Griffith, a psychic with a lot of experience and the best work ethic. I received her services and can attest that she knows what she’s talking about. Visit this page to get her information, along with other people whose businesses I recommend.

***Read my clients’ testimonials to see for yourself, and book a consultation with me when you feel ready to take the plunge!

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