Spirit: “The Fertilizer” for Change, Self-Improvement and Transformation

Spirit: “The Fertilizer” for Change, Self-Improvement and Transformation

Today’s “Empress Conversations” podcast episode is about the “magic” ingredient that you need to transform your life.

I’m talking about Spirit, the fertilizer to transformation, self-improvement, healing, and fulfillment!

In this episode, I discuss what Spirit and spirituality are exactly, and what you can do to build this connection, nurture it, and infuse your goals and your life with it. 

Most importantly, I talk about different ways to avoid spiritual burnout, which is something that I and many others have definitely experienced on multiple occasions!

I’m particularly excited about this episode because Spirit has truly transformed my life. It has helped me heal, get out of toxic situations, and rebuild myself and my life on much better terms. 

I truly believe Spirit is an essential (if not THE essential) key to female empowerment, self-improvement, and the transformation that I strive to inspire through The Empress Within. 

Don’t miss this episode, it is so powerful and transformational!

You can listen to it on Apple, Google, Spotify or virtually any other platform – visit to start listening!

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