Empress Chronicles, Part 6: Sunday thoughts.

Empress Chronicles, Part 6: Sunday thoughts.

How was your Sunday, my darlings?

I’m sitting at my new desk (if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek here!), sipping my “creativity” tea – that’s Twinning’s Decaf Lady Grey blend. And I feel so grateful because this week was uneventfully filled with beautiful happenings.

Some blessings came in simple moments: enjoying a cup of tea in the morning, taking the dog out for a walk, staying in bed and listening to the rain outside, sitting down to work with one of our cats on my lap, and enjoying delicious tacos and margaritas during a fun, insightful date night.

Other things happened that helped me visualize and manifest a beautiful future – thinking (and talking) about the next step in my business and in my relationship. Buying a home together, traveling the world, planning the wedding of the century, publishing a few New York Times best-selling works, having babies, raising said babies, adopting waaaayyyyy more cats… I feel so excited because I see those things, that not too long ago used to be dreams that I thought unattainable, actually happening.

This morning, I made a very vulnerable and tearful admission to my girlfriend. I told her about something pretty scary and traumatic that happened to me seven years ago. I was terrified of her potentially judging me, but her reaction was just a reflection of the loving, beautiful being that she really is. It felt so liberating to talk about this, making it less and less of a scary beast hiding in the dark, jumping at me under the form of scary words that can send me into a panic. It reminded me of how it didn’t kill me but made me stronger, how I turned adversity into abundance.

Surrounded by all this love and abundance, and finally living in a healthy, safe and beautiful home, I feel like I’m becoming the person I am meant to be at last. I am turning ideas into projects that will take this business to the next level, and while I’m careful to not spread myself too thin, I am excited for you all to see what will be coming in the next few months!

The Empress within me is finally coming out, and she is beautiful!

I wish you all a wonderful week,

Namasté, my darlings,


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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