Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse: A Group Coaching Program

Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse: A Group Coaching Program

You may be wondering why does a spiritual life coach launch a group coaching program about narcissistic abuse? 

Well, that’s because it’s personal. 

Narcissistic abuse was the root cause of all the adversity in my life. 

I was raised by a malignant narcissist mother and grew up around other narcissists. So I didn’t know better but to surround myself with more of them throughout my teens and early adulthood. I befriended narcissists, trusted them, dated them, even got engaged to one. 

For years, I survived all types of abuse, financial sabotage, smear campaigns, homelessness, and a constant lack of safety and stability. It took the unexpected and tragic loss of a loved one when I was 25 for me to realize that they would never change and begin cutting them out of my life. 

I made a promise to myself that I would not only survive, but heal and thrive and use that experience to help empower other women who have endured narcissistic abuse. 

And today, I have overcome my past circumstances, have surrounded myself by healthy, loving and well-intended people, and am living the life I prayed for years ago. 

I was drawn to create this group coaching program because when it comes to narcissists, as I said above, it’s personal. And through my life experience, I came to the realization that the best revenge you can get against narcissists is empowering other victims of narcissists to stand up for themselves. 

The more of us take their power back, stand up to narcissists everywhere, and cut off the supply, the faster their collective power will die down. 

And it starts with you, right now. 

I am here to help you take your power back. I want to show you that it’s possible to no longer be a victim to narcissists. I want to help you choose yourself, put together a strategy to walk away from the narcissists in your life, and create a strong plan for healing and empowerment. 

Narcissistic abuse can have devastating consequences on your quality of life, your ability to accomplish your dreams, feeling good, and more. 

And as a survivor, you’re also at risk of getting stuck in a cycle where you attract more narcissists  into your life because you’re conditioned into accepting that this is the only way people will treat you. 

But you also have the ability to say “no” once and for all to all the narcissists in your life, and those trying to make their way into it. 

In this program, I will show you how to identify, release, heal, and reprogram yourself to thrive. 

I will share with you tried and true ways to raise your self-worth and self-love. 

I will teach you various strategies to distance yourself emotionally and physically

I will help you become empowered to choose yourself, even when the consequences are scary. 

And I will have your back every step of the way. 

Module 1: Understanding narcissistic abuse.

In this first module, we will explore what exactly makes a person a narcissist, what are some of their traits, and the question that we all wonder: “What the f*ck they want from us?”. We will also talk about cycles of abuse and their root cause, gain an understanding of what narcissistic abuse does to us and how it affects us, and learn the one thing that makes it easier to deal with a narcissist in your life. 

Module 2: Choosing yourself. 

In the second module, you will learn how to put yourself first (most likely for the first time). We will talk about the self-doubt that comes with it (“Am I being selfish?”), but also how to decide that you’re worth better (hint: you didn’t come to this world to suffer). We will explore the different meanings of walking away, including how to walk away if you can’t walk away (due to financial dependency, having children together, etc), and how to create plans to make that happen. We will talk about the importance of giving yourself validation and mourning a relationship that will never be what you wish for it to be. 

Module 3: Recovering and healing.

This third module is all about dealing with the aftermath of removing yourself from a narcissist’s sphere of influence. We will talk about damage control, including how to handle smear campaigns, and how to deal with the narcissist’s groupies (the “flying monkeys”). We will explore ways to resist seeking revenge (at least for right now), but instead heal the pain, wounds and damage they have caused you. Finally, you will be empowered to see them for who they are (rather than what they convinced you they were – usually much more powerful and scary) and no longer be afraid of them. 

Module 4: Getting to know who you are outside of the narcissist(s). 

In this module, you will get to discover and redefine your identity outside of what they said you were. You will create a blank slate for you and only you to write on everything that makes you who you are. You will also learn how to figure out what you want to do with your life now that they’re no longer controlling these decisions. This includes finding the strength to do all the small and big things you’ve always wanted to do without needing anyone else’s “permission”. Lastly, you will identify, confront, debunk and release all the myths and lies the narcissists got you to believe about yourself by using straight evidence to the opposite, and sealing down your truth. 

Module 5: Protecting yourself from narcissists. 

In this module, you will understand why it is natural to sometimes invite more narcissists into your life, some of whom are very similar to prior ones, especially when we feel like we failed to “save” or “fix” them. You will learn how to release this need and break this pattern once and for all. You will also learn how to trust your gut, trust the energy of people you’re around, and notice red flags early on. We will review and practice the grey-rocking technique, as well as other ways to protect yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Module 6: Loving yourself.

Module Six is about cultivating love within yourself before seeking it from other people, and before giving it to other people. In this module, we will review evidence to disprove what narcissists have caused you to believe about yourself, and accept that your worth is no longer determined by what value they see in you. Through various activities, you will learn to love yourself again, including by loving things that they considered as “negative” and used against you. You will identify which behaviors and actions constitute self-love, and which ones don’t. You will learn how to be kind to yourself (but not over-indulgent), enforce boundaries with yourself and others, avoid being too punishing towards yourself. Most importantly, you will learn how to forgive yourself for any “mistakes” and behaviors that did temporarily not serve you. 

Module 7: From Victimhood to Empowerment

In this final module, you will learn how to leave your identity as the narcissist’s victim behind, and step into an empowered version of you. You will explore resilience and what it means to truly be mentally strong. You will acknowledge and release your fear of the narcissists, and you will free yourself from their worldview, beliefs, rules and stipulations once and for all. You will learn how to invite healthy people into your life by being an energetic match to them. You will plot the right kind of revenge (spoiler alert: living your happiest, most abundant life!), and learn how to determine your life purpose. You will reclaim the infinite spiritual power you were born with (even if you were tricked into giving it up as a child or at different times in your life), and you will use it to create live your best life no matter what you endured in the past, and to empower others (be it one person or a million!).  

May 11th-June 22nd, 2021. 

$47.11 to attend. 

100% online. 

Module 1 group coaching session: Tuesday May 11th, 7PM Eastern Time.

Module 2 group coaching session: Tuesday May 18th, 7PM Eastern Time.

Module 3 group coaching session: Tuesday May 25th, 7PM Eastern Time.

Module 4 group coaching session: Tuesday June 1st, 7PM Eastern Time.

Module 5 group coaching session: Tuesday June 8th, 7PM Eastern Time.

Module 6 group coaching session: Tuesday June 15th, 7PM Eastern Time.

Module 7 group coaching session: Tuesday June 22nd, 7PM Eastern Time.

Note: Please in mind that all group coaching sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 7PM U.S. Eastern Time Zone. Recordings of the sessions will be available shortly after. 

What kind of relationship do I need to have with a narcissist to benefit from this group coaching program? 

This program is inclusive to all kind of relationships: you will benefit from it whether the narcissist is a parent, a relative, a “friend”, an intimate partner, an ex, a coworker, a boss, a spiritual/religious leader, or anyone else who was abusive to you. 

I haven’t had contact with the narcissist for years. Can I still benefit from this group coaching program? 

Of course! Even after years of no contact, we can still carry heavy baggage and unresolved trauma from the narcissistic abuse we endured. This program will help you release it, no matter how long ago it happened, and use that space to heal and create something better for yourself, 

What is included in the program? 

The Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse group coaching program includes extensive course material, weekly group coaching sessions, and a Facebook group for attendees. You will also get a 1-hour one-on-one coaching session with Sophie Marie (limited-time offer!). 

What comes in the course material? 

The course material will contain informative text written by Sophie Marie, including stories and anecdotes, as well as how-tos and other strategies to have on hand, activities that fit the theme of the module, and weekly journaling exercises. 

What if I can’t attend some or all the group coaching sessions? 

That’s okay! You will still be able to watch the replay. If you know you won’t make it, feel free to reach out to Sophie Marie ( with your questions and they will be answered during the group coaching session. 

Where will I access the course material? 

Within 24 hours of registering, you will receive an email link to create a login and password to access the course material on our website. 

For how long after the course is over can I access the course material and coaching session replays? 

Indefinitely! Signing up for this course gives you lifelong access to all course material and recordings, so you can return to it whenever you want. 

Are you ready to thrive after narcissistic abuse?

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