Tarot Cards of the Week – 1

This is the first full week of 2020, and I want to try something a little different from the daily tarot cards I used to post on my social media. Instead of scheduling them a week (or even a month) in advance and not really feeling their true energy, I have decided to have a three-card drawing every Monday morning and post about it later in the day. I have a feeling this will be less of a chore for me to do, and so what I will be giving you each week will be far more authentic and connected with spirit than what I did before.

I also hope that for those who are learning tarot (if you’re interested, preorder my book or sign up for my online course!), you’ll get to see first-hand how to weave different cards together into a reading.

Without further ado, let’s hop into this week’s reading. We have The Star (17), The Fool (0) and The Emperor (4). The Star represents hope and gratitude, The Fool a new beginning, and The Emperor power. So how do these three cards come together?

The overall tone of this drawing is positive: it’s a reminder to pause and think of your blessings and what you already have achieved, and to believe in your power so you can fully utilize it.

For me, this will be a busy week for me work-wise, with the online course launching on Friday and a local workshop on Saturday. I am nervous, but the Star tells me to quiet my thoughts (I’m going to a community meditation tonight!), count my blessings, and focus on who I want to be when I’ve reached the peak of my career (a multiple-times New-York Times best-selling author who travels around the country and the world to give talks and teach workshops).¬†The Fool represents who I was a year ago, when I launched my business with next to nothing, and it reminds me that I have achieved a lot considering my circumstances, and actually risen above those. I’m currently living an abundant, healthy life, surrounded by love and support, and have manifested so much of what I wanted. My girlfriend always reminds me that I’m very hard on myself and don’t give myself enough credit for what I’m capable of, so this week, when I find myself having negative thought, I will remember to pause and think of how far I came. And lastly, The Emperor reminds me that I have the power to manifest everything I want (I just have to look around me to believe it!), and that, work-wise, I know what I’m doing, I’m more than competent to do it, and I’m the best person to teach to those who are seeking knowledge and have chosen me to be their guide through spirituality.

What do these cards mean to you this week? Please let me know in the comments section below!

Much love and namasté,


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