Tarot Cards of the Week – 10

Happy Monday my darlings!

Today was a little bit slow for me – I woke up feeling groggy after taking NyQuil last night (no, I haven’t caught The Bloody Virus That Shall Not Be Named, but I’m definitely having both a nasty cold and an allergic reaction to something that’s making me cough, and it’s exhausting!). Fortunately, I work from home, so I took my time in the morning, and then made a delicious veggie-filled frittata for lunch with a tomato caprese salad.

I can feel some very powerful energy today: it’s the full moon, Mercury’s no longer in retrograde, and spring is right around the corner (and so is my birthday!). The smell of renewal and rebirth are in the air, and I’m loving it!¬†As I do every Monday, here are the three tarot cards I drew to get an idea of the energy for the week ahead: the Hanged Man (12), the Magician (1) and the Hermit (9).

The first interesting thing to note is all these cards are male. Male cards in tarot are associated to the Sun, to Yang energy, and to power, physical activity, and action. So while the past few weeks have been mostly about reflection, introspection, and spiritual powers, the time has come, with the arrival of spring, to take matters in our hands, or maybe take them up a notch. Whatever we’ve been wanting to do, now is the time to go for it.

Keep in mind, however, that The Hanged Man is a reminder to take care of yourself, and find peace, balance and restoration in stillness. When things get too crazy around you, and you feel that they are affecting you personally, take a step back, isolate yourself, and take a few grounding, meditative breaths.

Moving on to the Magician, this card is about your power to make things happen (I’m finally starting a new book!). Maybe there’s a project you’ve been drawn to, but you think that you don’t have enough equipment or funds to see it through. The Magician reminds you, this week, that you have everything you need right now. Be a little more resourceful – there are countless tools (and even help) that you can find for free (or with a free trial!), and remember, always start small and add more as you grow.

Lastly, the Hermit echoes the Hanged Man with the idea of isolation for self-improvement. This time, isolation happens for a longer period of time (all being relative, of course!), and isn’t just dedicated to self-care, but to learning and the acquisition of knowledge that you can put to use by pursuing the project that was hinted to with the Magician. So take some time for yourself this week – that can be as simple as staying in for a few hours (or an entire day), turning off your phone and other electronics, and reading books that you know will help you improve. Or you can take yourself on a short trip somewhere. Whatever you do, know that you will emerge from this self-imposed isolation with newly-acquired knowledge and wisdom that will help you move forward.

So, to recap, let’s keep ourselves grounded with meditation, remember to believe in our abilities and resources to bring about our dreams, and take time to seek and receive necessary knowledge and wisdom!

Much, much love,


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