Tarot Cards of the Week – 11

Hello my darlings!

I hope you are all doing well and that current events aren’t causing you too much anxiety. On my part, I am doing wonderful – I’m still on a high from my first-ever book signing two days ago. To all of you who came, thank you so much! Your presence and support of my work means the world to me. I also want to give a special thanks and shout-out to Jennifer, who hosted my event at her beautiful shop!

(Side note: if you haven’t already, you can grab your copy of my book through Amazon Prime by clicking here!)

For the anecdote, I decided earlier that I was going to do a video reading, but when I recorded myself, I was nervous and kept messing up! I decided to still upload it to my IGTV, but checked moments ago and a message on the app said, “we are unable to upload your video”. I suppose I am probably meant to stick to writing for now, but one of my goals for 2020 was to create more video content, through a Youtube channel among others, so I’m not giving up on that! I just think I might need a lot of practice to feel fully comfortable talking to an audience, a script, and some editing (the film class I took in high school will come in handy!).

Onto our main topic for the day: the cards I drew for this week are the World (21), the Hanged Man (12), and the Fool (0). The first and third cards carry the idea of completion and new beginnings, while the second brings them together with a reminder to pause and reconnect with ourselves through meditation (we have seen it pop up quite a bit recently!).

Look at how these notions apply to your life right now. What journey is coming to its end as it is, and how can you expand it while you start anew? Where in your life can you start entirely from scratch, believing in yourself and knowing that a great outcome is guaranteed? And how can you create special moments dedicated to pausing and being with yourself, reconnecting with your spirit?

Reflect on these questionings, and observe what else comes up. And lastly, I know we are going through uncertain times right now, but look at how you can turn a crisis into an opportunity for spiritual growth and abundance!

Much, much love to you,


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