Tarot Cards of the Week – 15

Hello my darlings! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter if you celebrate it. A couple of months ago, I thought we’d be attending an Easter service at our beautiful, LGBT-affirming church. I love this church because both the architecture and the music are so beautiful, and the Episcopal service is still pretty Catholic, so I don’t feel like I’ve ventured way off what I grew up with, but my girlfriend and I know we are welcome, not perceived as sinners, and will be allowed to get married there. I have to confess I even started excitedly looking for a colorful outfit for Easter that wouldn’t clash with my red hair. Then Hurricane Corona hit, and even though I feel sad that our church is closed, I know this is important to ensure everyone’s safety, and am hopeful that this will be over soon, and look forward to everything reopening. So instead, we had instead a quiet, relaxed Easter Suday at home, and enjoyed delicious food in the evening (fried pork and bell pepper samosas with zucchini and carrot “noodles” in a Thai-inspired peanut sauce) in front of Outlander, which my girlfriend is becoming hooked to (thank God she’s not mad at me for salivating in front of the one and only James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, aka the only man I would go straight for! Although I’ve got to admit my strong, sexy Taurus lady has a lot of Jamie in her… I’m calling it, kids: #ManifestationWin!). 

Before I get too carried away about fictional 18th century Scottish warriors, let me share with you the cards for this post-Easter week. Today I drew Judgment (20), The Devil (15), and The Popess (2). 

Judgment (20) echoes to Justice (8 or 11, depending on decks/preferences), but while Justice is that of humans exercising it among themselves, Judgment is about divine justice. And in a larger sense, Judgment is about God/the Universe. It is a reminder that you are safe, loved, and supported. So this week, if you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed-out because of current events and how they’re affecting your life, revert to your spiritual practice and connect with the divine energy and let it cradle you and comfort you by whispering you the reassurance you seek: that everything will be okay in the end. 

The Devil (15) is about authenticity, honesty, and truthfulness. This week, focus on this by looking around you and making sure that you aren’t letting dishonest people into your life. That includes people who love to create drama and panic, and who are feeding off the emotional supply generated by the current pandemic, especially on social media. There’s a ruthless aspect that comes with this tarot card: you need to cut such people off as much as possible, even if the consequences will be uncomfortable. If anything, don’t let them in closer – once they latch on, getting rid of energy vampires will only get harder.

The Popess (2) is about knowledge. She’s been popping up in almost every reading I have done since the beginning of this pandemic, and to me, the meaning is obvious. The Popess is reminding us that we can turn any crisis into an opportunity by cultivating knowledge. That includes educating ourselves with anything we will be able to use to our benefit, but also educating others. For instance, for those of you having to homeschool your children, take the opportunity to teach them valuable life skills they will not learn in school. If you don’t have any children, but possess various talents, use them to teach others through the Internet. There will always be people who welcome your knowledge and are excited that you share it with them! 

Connecting with God and finding hope through that, pruning our social circle from drama-hungry emotional vampires, and cultivating education and knowledge are the way to go this week! I hope this reading speaks to all of you, and that you benefit from it!

Much love and namaste, 


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