Tarot Cards of the Week – 16

Hello my darlings!

I don’t know you but I’m loving the energy of this week so far! I got out of bed a little before 6:30AM, and did a delicious yoga session where, following the advice of my friend Jen (check her amazing work here), I used my breath to connect my sacral and third eye chakras, allowing creative energy to flow through me.

Doing so energized me fully, and after following the steps of the morning routine I established a week ago and reviewed today (I’ll share it with you soon), I took the vegetable scraps that I’d been saving in the freezer for a while and threw them with water in my dutch oven to make some broth (the smell coming from the kitchen is mouth-watering, but I’m fasting until noon!). I am now seated at my desk with a cup of delicious minty green tea (thank you, Lidl!), and excited to share with you the three tarot cards I drew for us this week.

Today we have Death, The Star and The World (you can click on the links to view the full explanation for each card, or access the full Major Arcana here). At first sight, this combination of cards carries, for me, a happy, beautiful and positive message. 

Death is about transformation, and I have to admit it’s a recurring theme since this card has been popping up a lot lately in tarot readings I’ve done for myself and other people. Before the transformation happens, we dread it, we fear it, we resist it. But it happens regardless of our attempts to avoid it. And once it happens, we emerge from it and begin settling into our new normal. The magical part is when we realize that the things we feared actually happened for the best. So if there’s something you’re dreading, remember that your inner/higher self is manifesting it because you know it will turn out to be a wonderful thing. Use that knowledge to face changes, no matter how difficult they can be, with hope rather than fear.

The Star is about hope and gratitude. She is all about pausing (which we are all doing, collectively, right now) and giving back. I know we are going through difficult times, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead can be anxiety-inducing. So let’s take time to focus on what we are grateful for (if you’ve attended my monthly manifestation course, you know this is a powerful practice to create the life you want!). And sit with the feeling of hope – that knowledge that everything will work out in the end. Visualize children returning to school, businesses reopening, people flooding streets, parks and beaches, being able to see, touch and hug the loved ones you had to isolate yourself from. This is all happening. 

And lastly, The World is about expansion and connection. Remember that there is something bigger than your own life as it is currently (especially if you’re self-isolating and you feel that your life is limited to your home and your pets/partner/children/housemates/whoever else lives with you). Keep in mind that this is temporary – as per the post that’s been circulating on social media lately, Mother Nature is taking a deep breath, so let’s take one with her. Continue connecting with your loved ones, and think of more creative ways you can do so. And use this time as an opportunity to thrive: use the extra time you just earned to begin taking concrete steps towards whatever project you always wanted to achieve but never had the time/mental space to. 

So that’s our tarot message for the week: embrace transformation, practice gratitude and manifest a happy outcome, and expand your world by connecting with loved ones and accomplishing your dreams. We got this! 

Have a magnificent week, much love, and namasté,


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