Tarot Cards of the Week – 18

Hello my darlings!

I hope you are doing well this week! I am feeling a little bleh due to that monthly occurrence I like to affectionately call “Shark Week”. I’m lacking energy and focus, and feel rather drained emotionally. But I know that this is perfectly normal, and am focusing on things that remind me how lucky and blessed I am. For instance, yesterday I celebrated six months of healthy, respectful, beautiful love with my amazing (and incredibly sexy, smart, strong) girlfriend. (I will tell you the story of our first date one day – it was epic, beautiful, romantic, everything I dreamt it would be years before I knew my darling E. existed!).

Our cards for this week are The Sun (19), The World (21) and The Hanged Man (9). And I don’t know you, but I think they are as relevant as tarot cards can be.

To begin with, The Sun signifies joy, success, accomplishment. I feel that this week, it is a reminder to focus on things that make you happy, especially when circumstances tend to bring you down. I like to list, in my journaling software, 111 things, big and small, that make me happy. Doing so allows me to visualize more happiness and success around me: the first time I did this exercise, I was in a pretty depressing situation, and focusing on joy was what got me out of it and to better and better places. Today, I’m happy to say that most of what I listed back then has happened since!

Next comes The World, and with that, the idea of expansion and connection. We already had this card last week, so if you’ve been connecting with loved ones and expanding in whatever ways you can, continue doing so. I, for instance, have been reconnecting with friends who live out of town and overseas, and feel much less isolated by doing so. Somehow, distance no longer matters to me. After all, we live at the best possible time to have long-distance friendship, with the best technology that has ever existed to communicate with our loved ones from across the world. Lastly, let’s not forget to remember that there’s something much, much bigger than what our present life consists of. If things are difficult, don’t forget that the divine energy that created us is here for us, now and always.

Lastly, we have The Hanged Man. This card, which we’ve had a few times already this year, is a reminder to make small switches when you feel stuck. Change your outlook by looking at a given situation from a different angle, or change your position to allow in refreshing energy. For instance, a few minutes ago I was sitting at my desk but unable to concentrate whatsoever, and feeling uncomfortable. All I wanted to do, to be perfectly honest, was scroll on Pinterest and Amazon. Then I thought, “screw it”, and got up, grabbed my laptop, and sat on the couch, where I’m writing this post from. I definitely feel that my creative energy is flowing much better from where I am now!

So that’s all for this week, friends! Focus your thoughts on joy and fulfillment, expand outside of your bubble, and look at things differently when you feel stuck!

Much love, stay safe, and namasté,


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