Tarot Cards of the Week – 3

It’s funny how the strangest things stimulate our creativity. I woke up pretty cranky this morning, congested and with a headache that made me ask E. (that’s my amazing, sexy, beautiful, strong, intelligent girlfriend) if we spent last night drinking and partying. (Spoiler alert: we hadn’t). She burst into laughter when I linked my headache to an overactive third eye chakra – she’s still getting used to my hippie-ness. I wasn’t looking forward to working, but after we ate the delicious breakfast she made, I felt myself becoming calmer, more open, and eager to turn on my laptop and let the words and ideas flow.

I now have our two cats curled into balls by my left and right, the dog at my feet, and E. ┬ánapping on the couch next to me. I’m sipping some delicious chai tea with a splash of heavy cream and sweetener (on that matter, we are starting a keto diet tomorrow, and I’m excited, even if I feel rather apprehensive at the idea of giving up bread, cake, and pasta!).

My girlfriend and I drew tarot cards yesterday, but I felt it would be inappropriate to write a blog post on a day that’s dedicated to the memory and legacy of Martin Luther King. So, one day late, here are our tarot cards for the third full week of January!

This week, we have The Hanged Man (12), Justice (8*), and Death (13). While these cards might seem alarming for some of you, don’t freak out. All is good, I promise! “How?”, you ask. Because if you’ve learned tarot from me (you can do so by pre-ordering my book, out on February 19th), you know we don’t just let any tarot card dictate how we feel or make us believe that there’s something negative ahead of us. The meanings of tarot cards aren’t literal, but symbolic. They’re not here to tell us what’s going to happen to us, but to give us something to think of, and a course of action to follow.

The Hanged Man, for instance, tells us that if we face difficult situations, to take a step back and look at things from a different angle before acting. For instance: workplace drama (been there, done that). In that case, decide that you will be an observer of the situation rather than an actor in it. Another example: your relationship is going through a rocky phase. Remind yourself why you love your partner and want to be with them, and try to look at the situation from their perspective.

Justice is all about balance and Karma. I like to think of it as a reminder to do good, and spread good all around you. Because later in the Major Arcana comes Judgment (20), bringing all the good that you can reap after having sowed it. So this week, make it a point to spread good all around you, and think of ways you can do that.

Lastly, Death. THE card that makes people frightened of tarot. And for no reason, frankly, because the last thing Death means is that you or someone you love is going to die. Death a permanent but also necessary and beautiful change. Butterflies are often present on this card because it represents the permanent shedding of an old self, followed by rebirth into something better. So this week, look at bad habits you can leave behind so you can transform into your best self – E. found it quite interesting last night that we got this transformation-themed card the week we’re about to start keto!

So to recapitulate, this week, let’s allow ourselves to take a step back from anything that’s causing us stress, let goodness and kindness to motivate all our words and actions, and welcome transformation with the knowledge that it is happening in our favour.

I wish you all a wonderful week!

Much love,


Deck used: Medieval Cat Tarot by Lawrence Teng.

*Justice is the eleventh card in Marseille-based decks. I prefer to have it as the eighth because it makes more sense to me.

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