Tarot Cards of the Week – 9

Happy Monday and happy first week of March, my darlings!

I am SO relieved February is over – I tend to dread this month because, more often than not, it brings deaths (like my sweet grandfather, ten years ago), break-ups, arguments, and a nice load of drama. Fortunately, I made it relatively unscathed – my elderly loved ones are all okay, my girlfriend and I are still together and shared some very sweet moments of connection and bonding (including the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had – at 27, it was time

This said, I really felt the energy shift yesterday – something that I had been counting on for the entirety of February finally happened on March 1st, after I’d spent the evening of the 29th (thank you, leap year, for adding another day to my least-favorite month!) journaling and meditating on what I want to bring in. The key, I figured, was to let go of the hows and whens, and trust that God/The Universe would have my back and make things happen in my favor.

This notion of “Let go and let God” brings us to the first tarot card I drew for this week. Judgment (20) is about the divine. It reminds us that there’s something bigger than us out there, a benevolent force that has our back and that watches over us, guiding us in the right direction. Sometimes, that means giving us a big “no” to things we want (if you get broken up with, or lose your job, or an application is rejected, for instance) because God/The Universe can see the future and knows there’s something bigger and better for you out there. So this week, trust in this divine guidance and let go of anxiety and the need to control things, knowing that the best possible outcome (that you may not be able to conceive) is on its way to you.

Our second card for this week is The Star (17). The Star is about pausing in meditative gratitude, no matter where you are on your journey. Then, take a little further by passing the blessings you’ve received forward, and giving to others time, money, goods, advice, or anything else you’ve received on your journey. So this week, pause and list your blessings (I did so on Saturday night, using nice paper and my fountain pen). This is a great manifestation technique, because when you do that, you are reminded of what you have achieved, and of your power to bring about everything you want. And then, look at ways you can pass them forward, trusting in the unlimited abundance of the Universe.

Finally, The Sun (19) brings our weekly draw together, and what an amazing card for that! The Sun is all about joy and fulfillment, so celebrate what you achieve this week, be it small or big. And if you’re waiting for something to happen, remember, let go and let God, count your blessings, and instead of panicking that it isn’t happening and putting more energy into throwing together a Plan B, focus on how you will feel when what you want does happen. Think of the joy filling your heart and every fibre of your being, and the feelings of accomplishment, pride and success. And every time you feel a shred of doubt, chase it away with all these sunny, beautiful, and happy feelings.

Trust in the divine, gratitude, and joy all carry the promise of a magnificent week. So I hope this is how your week will be!

Much, much love to you all,


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