Tarot Cards of the Week | July 6th-July 12th, 2020

Happy Monday friends!

I don’t know you, but I’m really loving this full moon energy. Today I am taking things relatively slow, and preparing for my first full-moon group reading on Zoom tonight! (in other words, trying to remove the remnants of my gel manicure so I don’t have what I call “werewolf nails”!). Either way, I’m really excited and can’t wait for tonight!

In the meantime, our cards for the week are The Devil (15), The Sun (19), and The Chariot (7). It appears that the main theme is joy and success, since the Sun has the central position in this drawing. And the way to manifest it is through the energetic cleansing and clearing mandated by the Devil and the Chariot

We begin with The Devil, who comes with a strong warning: to be truthful with yourself by trusting your gut about people and situations. Being careful about who you allow into your life, and about the decisions you make. Take enough time to listen to guidance from your higher self. It might be warning you to walk away or choose an alternate route.

Next comes the Sun, with, as you know it, its promise of joy, success, and fulfillment. This week, focus on the energy of success, and success you will receive. The easiest way to do so is to list, in your head or on paper, all your successful endeavors. We are often caught in a mindset of not having enough, especially when we compare ourselves to others, but the truth is, we are powerful manifestos, and the proof is what we have already accomplished successfully. The more we focus on this, the more we generate some of this energy, that we can use towards future endeavors.

And finally, we have the Chariot. Getting rid of stuck energy, aligning with what you want and getting rid of excess baggage is crucial for successful manifestation. So this week, make sure to deal with any issues you’ve left on the back burner that are now causing you stress. Tackle them upfront, and enjoy feeling lighter, relieved, and free once they’re over and done with! (Personally, I’m applying this approach to washing dishes, among others!)

And that’s that for today! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Much love, and namasté,


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