Tarot Cards of the Week | June 15th-21st, 2020

Hello my darlings!

I don’t know you, but I can feel the buzzing energy of this week in the air, and I can almost smell the potential it carries. Yes, Mercury is going into a retrograde on Wednesday, but I am not dreading this period at all. I actually look forward to turning inward and getting to do some deeper past-life regression, blockage-removal, and severing more energetic bonds that no longer serve me (this would be a good time for you to try the same, FYI – if you need help getting started, contact me! I will be officially launching my spiritual life coaching packages later this week). 

Our cards for this week look great. We have The Sun (19),  The Chariot (7), and The Tower (16), which together carry an optimistic message and much-needed advice.

Let’s begin with The Sun, the happiest card in the entire tarot. While it isn’t sunny outside at the moment, I always feel a burst of joy and optimism in my heart when I draw this card. The Sun is practically the Universe telling you that everything will be okay, and to focus on what makes you happy. Generate this energy of happiness from your Solar Plexus chakra, where your personal power lies. Let the certitude that everything you wish for will be granted fill every fibre of your being. You manifest what you want by raising your frequency to match it. Eliminate all doubt from your mind and know that you will get everything you desire. 

The Chariot assists you in your manifestation by reminding you to rid yourself of anything that doesn’t serve you, be it physical, emotional, or energetic. Before you do any magical work to attract something, you need to remove the blocks that can prevent it from coming true. This especially applies to you if you’ve been doing the same work many times and haven’t had the results you wanted. Once you determine what these blocks are and remove them, I can guarantee you that what you have wanted for ages will finally come true!

Finally, the Tower is a reminder to take your time, and not be impulsive in your decision. Build slowly and solidly, rather than being seduced by something that’s shiny and at the reach of your fingertips. This applies to relationships, jobs, housing, and practically every aspect of your life. By choosing this careful approach, despite it not being the most fun and instantly gratifying, you guarantee yourself long-lasting stability and success in every endeavor you undertake.

I hope this wisdom from the Tarot will inspire you to seek what you wish for and make it come true. 

With that, my darlings, I wish you a magnificent week!

Much love and namasté, 


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