Tarot Cards of the Week | June 1st – June 7th, 2020

Hello my darlings!

This post is a little later than usual because I spent the whole day battling with YouTube so I could upload the video version, after doing a live reading on Facebook.

On top of this, Amazon’s KDP has temporarily removed the e-book version of You Hold The Cards from their store because for some strange reason, they suspected copyright infringement (the paperback version is still up, even if the content in both books is exactly the same).

Mercury Retrograde: J-16. I know, right?

They sent me an email saying I had five days to resolve the issue, to which I replied immediately explaining that hadn’t committed any copyright infringement, only to receive an automated email saying to expect delays in replies because of the COVID-19 situation.

I almost called them today, but found myself getting really frustrated and upset. So I put my phone down and decided to deal with the situation tomorrow, after meditating and generating energy for a quick, easy resolution. It worked several times before when I had to deal with KDP and Amazon customer service, so I’m keeping my hopes up.

And if the issue isn’t resolved and I can’t have the e-book version of You Hold The Cards on KDP, so be it. Worst case, I’ll offer it as a free download or something similar. After all, I am working on a second book, and have a third and a fourth on the back burner (and many more that are still in the “idea folder” – I’ll show you that soon). So, as a very dear friend of mine always says, “breathe and remember everything is happening in your favor.”

I think I’ll do just that.

Now that I think of it, this issue that I’m having with Amazon does align somewhat with the theme from today’s cards.

For this first week of June, we have Justice, Strength, and The Devil.

Justice is all about karma and the energy we put out there, especially when people have wronged us. Because everything is energy and whatever we do comes back to us, we need to ensure that every action we take is good. So when people harm us, we need to make sure we’re not seeking retaliation, but taking defensive action to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This way, we know we’ve done what we could to prevent any harm from happening to us, and we kept our slate clean by not causing harm to others.

Strength represents the dual-face of force: there’s brute force, which is when you bare your teeth, and give whoever you’re having a conflict with a taste of what you’re capable of. And then there’s the more diplomatic approach, when you use gentleness to get what you want. Of course, we aren’t pitting one approach against the other – depending on the situation, each can be the best course of action. However, the key, here, is asking yourself which one is the best response. You achieve that by taking enough time for yourself to be guided towards the answer. (I’ll keep that in mind when I’m dealing with Amazon tomorrow!)

Lastly, the Devil reminds us to be mindful of who we let into our life. There are different ways people can be too good to be true: when they play the role we desperately need in our lives (parental figure, best friend, spiritual adviser, etc), when they give us all the validation we need, when they treat us like the closest person to them twenty minutes into the relationship… And there are people preying out there for new toys to play with. The smart thing to do is nip the relationship in the bud by listening to our intuition whenever we feel suspicious. But if you feel it’s too late, then there’s only one way to go: through the fire. Ending a toxic relationship with a fake person will never be easy – they won’t let you be as soon as you try to peacefully walk away. Aside from the inevitable smearing and hovering, there are spiritual ties that need time to be undone. But trust your gut when it tells you this is necessary for you to move forward in life.

I hope this brings much-needed insight into the beginning of this new month for you!

With that, my darlings, much love and namasté!


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